CSA and GNT resume discussions today

CSA and GNT resume discussions today
Mary Isaac.

The Civil Service Association (CSA) will meet with the Government Negotiating Team (GNT) today, September 25 for a second round of discussion to negotiate better working conditions for all civil servants.

President of the CSA Mary Isaac told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the association will not be rushing to finish talks, but is more focused on getting a good deal for public servants Island wide.

Isaac said while two weeks was the time allotted for the discussion, this does not always the case, given the number of issues to be discussed and the sharing of information that takes place.

The CSA had written the GNT to suspend all discussions on Monday, September 8. A meeting was scheduled for September 10, but did not pull through, based on that decision.

The CSA’s decision was made due to industrial action taken by the St. Lucia Fire Service Association (SLFSA). The move was to show solidarity to the SFSA, as they sought to have their issues addressed.

Once the industrial action was over and all firefighters returned to work, the CSA was ready to resume talks with the GNT.

The Nurses Association has wrapped up their round of discussion with the GNT. While the association is not totally satisfied with the outcome they said they can work around it.

Government has suggested that discussion between the GNT and unions should not take longer than two weeks and that the entire discussion on better conditions should wrap up in two months time.

A cabinet subcommittee led by Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony met representatives of the Trade Union Federation (TUF) on Friday, September 5, to discuss proposals submitted by the Federation to deal with the fiscal deficit of the Government of Saint Lucia.

Both parties are expected to meet soon. In the meantime, the TUF said it is doing more research and discussing its plans and proposals, before the next meeting with government.


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  1. You all can "back" as long as you want...Kenny will say and do what he wants in his New Year's Message......TUF..UWP... R&K Alliance etc..etc...etc...


  2. That is not what is important now, what is...is whether the unions and govt will agree on the recommendations made by the TUF and if not whether the 5 per cent will come up for consideration???


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