CSA accepts government’s invitation to meet and continue negotiations but….

CSA accepts government’s invitation to meet and continue negotiations but….

The Civil Service Association (CSA) has accepted government’s invitation to meet and continue negotiations.

The union has however rejected government’s ultimatum of having workers return to work.

Late Friday afternoon, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of the Public Service dispatched a letter to the CSA informing that the government negotiating team would be available to sit with the union in an effort to resolve their impasse and bring an end to a week-long strike.

The meeting is however conditioned upon civil servants resuming duties today.

The CSA executive has informed that workers will remain on strike and not bow to government’s subtle pressures.

According to the union, it can not call off protest action when the government has not given anything in the spirit of compromise.

Some CSA members, dressed in red, were scheduled to hold a placard-bearing protest in front the CSA Centre from 10 am today.


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  1. You wanted a meeting and you got it but yet still you continue to hold the country hostage. SMFH........ But I give the government wrong because they had no business negotiating with any of the unions. By right they should only be negotiating with the TUF...... And then TUF will say they want mandatory fees, NOT WITH MY MONEY!!!


    • to me the government was nogotiating with the TUF, then they went behind the TUF back and sign deal with the police union and so the others follow, now when csa union come to sit wit the GNT, with the members mandate they refuse and say they only nigotiate with the TUF. now can any one tell me how would you refer to this. as far as i am concerned GNT is to be blamed for all the drama that is happening in this country currently. and to make it worse, there is so much misinformation going out to the public and i am so suprised to see how they digest it all.


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