Cruise ship tourists attacked by bandits near Serenity Park

Cruise ship tourists attacked by bandits near Serenity Park
Cruise ships in the Castries harbour.
Cruise ships in the Castries harbour.

(SNO) — About three days after a local couple were robbed in Serenity Park, Castries, bandits attacked two German cruise ship visitors who had just exited the Park, according to law enforcement sources.

The tourists, a mother and her daughter, were attacked in Sans Souci, sometime between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 19, shortly after leaving Serenity Park, which has been the scene of a number of robberies and attempted robberies over the past months, according to sources.

The visitors sustained minor injuries when they tussled with the two bandits, one of whom tried to grab a pouch from the mother, according to sources.

The assailants were unsuccessful in getting the pouch as screams from the duo attracted attention from persons nearby. The visitors have since returned to the ship.

This incident comes in light of an attack on a local couple last Wednesday evening.

In that incident, a couple were robbed of their bag, phones, wallet, and other valuables at gunpoint around 7:30 p.m., sources said.

No one was injured as the couple reportedly complied with the bandits’ demands when the gun was pointed at the female’s head, according to sources.


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  1. Patrolling is just a deterrent.......we need to catch these guys...why aren't the police with their resources do some intelligence work....plain clothin....sit and wait...stake out...the must come....rather than just walking in the boulevard giving ppl tickets....them petty crime causing more damage to the country than someone parked on a double line....the authourities should intensify the focus on that...stopping them petty crime...rather than putting rocks on Jeriemie St by the old dumping place to prevent ppl from parking...mash up all them houses at the back of something rather than waiting to fix won't...its only gonna get worse....7pm and ppl afraid to walk through time...that's shayte


  2. When the cruise ships stop coming and the negative reviews begin to pile up and tourists would rather bypass our island for somewhere more secure THEN you'll see the authorities begin to give a damn. It's not enough that our own citizens are plagued by these thuggish vermin in Castries above and creepy crawlers in Vieux Fort below is it? The police are too busy watching the backsides of our ladies to pay​ any real attention.


  3. I am a victim of this as has been years now since those guys have been doing this. This left an effect on me for the rest of my life. I am so paranoid now. There should be police officers patrolling that area and all those ti-negs should be banned from the park. The officers know all of them and they are not doing a thing about it. Further, there should be continuous patrolling in the towns and city not only during the Christmas season


  4. As a Brit married to a Lucian I absolutely adore your country, but I despair of the increasing violence with no discernible evidence of any real action by the authorities. St Lucia absolutely needs tourism and the revenue that it brings, but if nothing is done people will stop coming. Please sort it out!


  5. They need to stop the gang operating near the roundabout in Sans Souci. They playing like they are there cooling out and selling their stuff but they robbing and braking people houses. I hope their parents have bail or burial money put aside for them. When they get kill the parents saying good boy.


    • You think is only gangs alone harassing tourists ordinary st Lucians do it too. Imagine during carnival last year I was standing close to the Castries market with a good friend of mine the cruise ship came in two Asian women tourist came off the boat to come check out the carnival a taxi driver in his butch jacket with the taxi Association logo on it started to harass these two women calling them names teasing them my friend came to the women rescue you know the taxi man wanted to fight my friend for doing so I had to draw for the piton bottle I was drinking out of and let the taxi driver know you not going to fight one but two of us today he keep beating his ass he move and go call some of his friends to fight us just imagine that and that's how he making a living to this day I still see that jackass on the airport


  6. Helen with its iconic beauty of the Pitons and calm seas is one thing, but when you (that mean locals and visitors) cannot walk its shores in broad daylight without peril, Dominic Fedee (Minister for Tourism) and Prime Minster Chastanet cannot stick to their script that Hermangild Francis, Minister of National Security will answer questions relating to violence, murder and robbery. A concerted effort and plan is needed to stop these emboldened thuds that clearly see there is no leadership at the helm of this iconic beauty.


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