Crocodile bites beachgoers in Jamaica

Crocodile bites beachgoers in Jamaica
Nicardo’s right leg is now in a cast, after being bitten by crocodile.

(JAMAICA STAR) —  Nicardo thought that it would just be a night of fun when he and a friend went to Waves Beach in Portmore last Thursday night.

However, things took a drastic turn when both men were bitten by a crocodile some time after 8 p.m, resulting in both men suffering leg injuries.

Nicardo says his friend visited from the United States recently, and they ventured to the beach for relaxation. He told THE STAR that his friend was almost pulled away by the reptile.

“We deh deh inna di water and me friend just feel something bite him and seh ‘a wah dat’? and den we jump. When him jump (friend), him hold on pon me and di crocodile a draw him weh. Him hold on pon me friend, and draw me friend … me friend hold on pon me. Then, him leggo off a me friend and hold on pon my foot and a wring it. I thought it was a shark, but it was a crocodile,” he said.


Recalling the “traumatic” experience, he said they had to fight for their lives.

“Is a big black, ugly crocodile … I guess it could be green, but inna di water it look black. Him hold on pon me and just a shake me foot. Me neva expect crocodile fi attack me a swear,” he said.

Nicardo said that he is currently admitted at the Spanish Town Hospital after suffering a broken toe and foot.

“I am in a lot of pain I swear. They gave me painkiller but I’m still in pain. Me neva feel so much pain inna me life. I have a broken toe … my foot is broken they (doctors) say. So we waiting on the bone specialist. My friend haffi go do operation because it (crocodile) tek out a huge chunk a him leg,” he said.

Following the incident, he is imploring that others who frequent the area need to be cautious.

“It’s not the first time I’ve been to night beach. I’ve been there in the day and I’ve been there in the night and I’ve never seen crocodiles. People, be warned,” he said.


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