Critical results on Saint Lucia’s Energy Balances 2010-2012 now available

Critical results on Saint Lucia’s Energy Balances 2010-2012 now available

Saint Lucia is one step closer to consolidating accurate information for defining and planning sustainable development programmes of the burgeoning energy sector.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology in collaboration with the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE) have completed Energy Balances for the years 2010 – 2012.

This was requested by the Meeting of Energy Ministers of the Community of Latin American and the Caribbean States (CELAC), with the aim of obtaining sufficient information for planning and definition of integration and sustainable development programmes of the energy sector of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Energy Balance is the accounting of the energy flow between the various transformation processes and economic activities of the energy chain and its balancing relations, for which energy is produced, exchanged, transformed and consumed.

Energy data and the development of energy balances are recognized as critical components of Saint Lucia’s energy strategy.

The benefits to Saint Lucia now having Energy Balances include, optimization of energy management, strengthening energy security and reliability in the energy supply, and the ability to identify the potential use of cleaner fuels and or renewable energies and to guide the implementation of more efficient technologies.

An initial visit to the island to meet with key stakeholders was conducted by OLADE in March 2014, during which time information was acquired and used to enhance the energy balance development process.

The Official presentation of the results of Saint Lucia’s Energy Balances (2010-2012) will take place on Friday, August 22nd, 2014 in the Golden Palm Events Conference Room located on the ground floor of the Valmont Building in Rodney Bay from 9:00a.m – 12:00 p.m.


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  1. Wow! Another press release of so many words to say absolutely nothing!

    Maybe, the Ministry should be renamed the Ministry of Obfuscation, for their continued effort to baffle us with bovine faeces.


    • I believe that there are very few people -- if any -- who would know how to use the data generated. The word "data" is used here advisedly because, unless and until the data are presented in a form useful for strategically changing the trajectory of energy use, the most that may be done is to compare metrics. Then we may have transformed that data into real useable information.

      So, that there all by itself is useless unless there is a concerted effort and strategy to best the benchmarked performances of other economies that are at our stage of production and our level of energy use.

      For example, the data might be used to CONTINUOUSLY monitor economic performance related to Saint Lucia's net imports of energy over time. Another might be to monitor a necessary shift in "the energy mix" to less expensive fuel sources and inputs.

      Finally, there may eventually emerge a national concern for energy independence.

      But these issues require more than a smattering of knowledge and a strategic focus.

      SLP has nobody with such concerns within the rank and file of the so many morons that populate this party.

      The only political group that has ever voiced some enlightened concerns on these issues is UNFORTUNATELY the NON-TRIBAL, and therefore VERY UNELECTABLE LPM.

      Sadly, we always get the government that we deserve.


      • This comment is very logical in this energy milestone(balance)in saint Lucia for the given period. The economies of scale for the energy industry in my opinion is a critical determining factor on the way forward for this small island developing state. With due respect to the freedom of expression of another these issues should never be political since it is a global dilemma out of the scope of any government. Saint Lucia has only slight influences on the overall particularly external energy outcome, activities such as the energy balance is a mere guide for the way forward.To the respective organization and personnel for such Sustainable initiatives. Kudos!!!


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