Cristal ready for Carnival 2015

Cristal ready for Carnival 2015

PRESS RELEASE – The Carnival season is open. It is a magical moment for all lovers of St Lucia Carnival who fully enjoy this great time and allow them for a moment a total freedom of expression.

All the warmth and the magic of this festive season seems give to CRISTAL a mad desire to have fun, dance, jump with her people until dawn.

Nothing can stop our pearl of islands. She said loudly to his persecutor “Mr Trouble Maker”: “I ain’t ready to go Home”.

So don’t try to annoy CRISTAL longer because she wants to party the whole night.

So if you cross her on the road, you already know what‘s going on; just be ready to have fun with CRISTAL. Go back home earlier is not an option for nobody for this Carnival 2015.

To be continued….


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