Crisis Pregnancy Centre to open in Saint Lucia

Crisis Pregnancy Centre to open in Saint Lucia


Plans are moving apace to open the country’s first ever Crisis Pregnancy Centre in February of next year.

The Caribbean Centre for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM) is responsible for building this centre.

CARIFAM was founded by former Human Service and Health Minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun.

Flood-Beaubrun had left the then St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government over her non-support for the legalization of abortion on the island.

The centre will offer help to women facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies and who are hurting from past abortion experiences or from pregnancy loss due to miscarriage or still birth.

The centre will also provide equipment and baby supplies, free counselling and pregnancy testing, free ultrasound services, 24 hour telephone counselling and temporary housing.

Representatives from Heartbeat International and OptionLine are expected here in January, 2016. They are to provide training to at least 30 volunteers, who will assist females making use of the centre.

Crisis pregnancy advice and support services are not currently available in Saint Lucia.


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  1. THAT CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTRE IS COMING AT THE RIGHT TIME AND WILL HAVE THEIR HANDS FULL IF THE ZIKA VIRUS REACHES SAINT LUCIA. They need to establish alliances with our Ministry of Health and PAHO as the Zika virus is "just up the road" in Martinique. Many women may opt for abortions if they become infected with the Zika virus during the early stages of pregnancy.


  2. You know this is a good iniciative, because no matter how much we educate our women on good sexual and family planning practices, there will always be those who still fall by the wayside. At this point the best we can do is guide them through the pregnancy to ensure that the unborn children get the best care and the mother to be some much needed care. I also think that we desperately need a crisis center for children, because guess what, many of these very same children are born to parents who didn't plan for a child, don't have the resources to care for a child, nor love to give to a child. They end up bringing abused, mistreated and constantly reminded that "I don't know why I make you, your father not nothing good, you keeping me behind, I don't know why I got pregnant" etc. We see and here it everyday. So next I think a children crisis centre should be built asap, remember damaged children become damaged let's fix them while they can be moulded and shaped, and not dump them bordelais, 20 years later when they have become seasoned criminals and deviants.


  3. in 2015/2016 women should not be getting pregnant. Stop encouraging these behaviors and praising single mothers and start preaching about proper family planning. women need to stop putting themselves, other people and especially the children in these bad situations and choose to have chikdren when they can afford or with someone that actually wants a child




  5. OMG. women should have choices former SLP minister. Abortion should be legal by now. Stop limiting women and their choices.


    • This is you now dispicable sicko who does not even want women to have an ultrosound in case it makes them realize that an abortion is a child's life terminated.
      Maybe this person wants St Lucia to harvest bodyparts like Pkanned Parenthood in the USA as seen in all those horrible videos.
      Thank God Mrs Flood Beaubrun is keeping to the values of our Caribbean Christianity.


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