Criminals warned to stay from Carnival Monday and Tuesday; over 200 officers assigned

Criminals warned to stay from Carnival Monday and Tuesday; over 200 officers assigned
Vernon Francois
Commissioner Francois

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has promised heightened police presence during Carnival Monday and Tuesday while warning criminal elements to stay away from the events.

Police Chief Vernon Francois told a media conference on Thursday that a team of over 200 police officers will be working hard to maintain law and order during this year’s celebration.

“I want to assure Saint Lucians that we will be out in full force to ensure a safe carnival. I want to send out a message out there to those who want to come out and engage in criminal activities during the course of carnival that we are going to deal with them,” he added.

“We will also have patrols in surrounding communities because we have noticed when people leave their homes to go and take part in carnival activities we need to provide a level of security for them. We are proposing to do our patrols in the various communities surrounding Castries during the course of carnival,” François told the media.

According to Francois, a team from the RSLPF has had a series of meetings with the Carnival Planning and Management Agency (CMPA) and the Carnival Bands Association (CBA).

“We have had also a number of in-house meetings in terms of planning our operations,” noted.

It was agreed that Carnival Monday will be from 10 a.m to 7 p.m. and Carnival Tuesday from midday to 7 p.m. He said persons must adhere to the 7 p.m. agreement. The decision not to extend the hours for both days is because of limited human resource capacity.

“It is going to be different from the past, where if the bands are still on the road, we were going to give them some extra time, notwithstanding the close off time we had agreed to, but we decided this year wherever the bands are at 7 p.m, carnival will stop at 7p.m.”

The use of loud speakers will not be permitted in the city of Castries after 7 p.m. High police presence is also expected for j’ouvert which is between 4 a.m. to 8 a.m.


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  1. If we all drank less alcohol we would remain morem loving and caring for each other. Please raise the vat on liquor and cigarettes.Its a sure way to increase revenue.


  2. What happened to those who have called on others for solutions? What can they suggest to curb the problems of unemployment, debt, slow economic growth, rising prices and crime. Isn’t that what they were hired to do? What they now do is to criticize those same solutions that are offered. The roles have now been reversed we work for the government and not the government for us.

    We cant blame them, again, they are right because we can’t blame fools for not being able to solve issues, we can only blame those who hired the fools in the first place -and that is us.

    Their solution to the problems which they themselves have created are higher taxes, a cut in salaries and a wage freeze. Nothing to curb their own wastefulness, greed and their incompetency.

    St. Lucians you were fooled by a bunch of fools (isn’t that ironic?). Do Whats Right and recall these fools and take your country back before its too late.


  3. Loud speakers will not be permitted in the city after 7pm???? well I live in the CDC and there is loud music all year round that I cannot even hear myself when I speak.


  4. Shake the demons. Don't give them rest. Visit the unannounced neighborhoods. Keep that pressure on long after carnival.


  5. Uhhhh, so what about the other days? really?? da commissioner should see his "bad cop" speech ain't working, dem boyz don't fear da cops, sad to say it but da cops don't have control of da streets, da cops can't protect us or they don't care enough to try,da whole island at the mercy of a few foolz wit gunz, smfh.............


  6. Since when Criminals obey the law or listen to the police? Thats why they are criminals Mr Commissioner,,..


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