Criminal Court to be temporarily relocated

Criminal Court to be temporarily relocated
High Court, St Lucia. * File photo
High Court, St Lucia. * File photo
High Court, St Lucia. * File photo

Saint Lucia’s Criminal Court will be temporarily relocated to the Nyerah Court building located on the John Compton Highway to facilitate repairs to the old High Court building in Castries.

President of the Saint Lucia Bar Association Mary Juliana-Charles said since the old court building has been deemed out of order, due to its deteriorating condition, the offer was made to the association to relocate.

The attorney said that certain interventions were taken in the past to rehabilitate the current structure, but despite these efforts, the building was still encountering several issues.

Minister for Justice Victor La Corbiniere revealed that the government sourced close to $1 million for repair works at the High Court, but noted that these works were partially completed by September.

The Bar Association head explained that renovations started in June and the court rooms were re-opened for use in September, which suggested that everything was completed.

But on their return, lawyers and other legal professionals met workers at the building, who were still carrying out renovations to certain court rooms and other parts of the court building.

Various venues such at the House of Assembly, Bordelais Correctional Facility, the Town Hall, and Auberge Seraphine were being temporarily used to conduct court sessions.

Juliana-Charles explained that with the old court house being closed, there have been many cases put on hold and persons placed on remand for lengthy periods, which is a major concern for her association.

While all criminal proceedings will now be heard at the Nyerah Court building, the commercial and civil court will also be temporarily relocated to the La Place Carenage located on Jeremie Street, Castries.


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  1. So you see why intelligent people are very concerned about about the amount of power that an elected government has? We have heard the proposals for a number multi million dollar projects including a four lane highway and prime ministers' building, however when it comes to justice for the people it is relegated to the the back burner. Why would a right thinking man invest 1 million dollars in a building, built in the 1950s, asbestos contaminated, in the middle of town, which has no real prospect for either expansion or renovation? Its like putting lipstick on a pig, and expensive lipstick at that.

    Come on you are intelligent people with BScs, MAs, Phds, why do you continue to let an idiot lead you? If La Corbiniere has no intention of opening the forensic lab then why not have the court sit there instead of giving thousands per month to a party loyal. No wonder the PM has assumed the responsibility for the police. Why impose such an incompetent JA on the people who nobody even voted for? He was rejected by the electorate even before a general election. Every word that this guy speaks is either out of this world or just garbage.


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