Crime Scene Investigations department receives donation

Crime Scene Investigations department receives donation

(GIS) – The Regional Security System (RSS) Headquarters through the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) has procured much needed crime scene investigations equipment for member territories of the organization inclusive of a significant amount of CSI items for law enforcement in Saint Lucia.

The contribution of items will be given to the scenes of crime office with the objective of improving in the areas of crime scedne handling, collection of evidence practices and overall increase in the detection of crimes.

Milton Desir, Ag. Commissioner of Police, noted that the equipment will underdoubtedly assist the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force in its crime fighting initiatives.

“The need for contemporary crime fighting efforts is not negotiable as there is a need to enhance our investigative skills and process crime scenes effectively. The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force continues to benefit from being a part of RSS and looking forward to the benefits delivered from the member. These equipments will not be taken for granted and will undoubtedly assist investigators and crime scene officers with cases which range from vehicular accidents to homicides during the investigations.”

One of the objectives of the program was to increase capacity building of officers predominantly through skills development.The RSS seeks to strengthen the competencies of law enforcement agencies in Saint Lucia with special regards to illicit drug trafficking and drug offenders.

Graham Archer, Deputy Executive Director of the RSS, noted that of the RSS member states received CSI equipment valued at an estimated EC$67,000.

“We want to thank the European Union for their sternum support for the overall program, and specifically for the donation of this equipment. The the lecture series that was that was held in the various countries was part of that program as well, and this handover is one of the items on the last leg of the program.”

Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Hon. Hermanguild Francis, expressed gratitude to the RSS and EU for the donation of crime fighting tools.

“The state has a duty to do all it can to ensure that the body of evidence speaks to us and points to the perpetrator of a crime, from even beyond the grave,” he said. “Not all that is done to fight crime is made public for obvious reasons. But we continue to position ourselves and build our capacity to use forensic science as a tool against crime.”

The ceremony took place on March 4, at the Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Resort and Spa.


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