Crime Chief confident more homicides will be solved

Crime Chief confident more homicides will be solved
Crime Chief Milton Desir
Crime Chief Milton Desir
Crime Chief Milton Desir

Crime Chief Milton Desir has expressed confidence that more homicides could be solved this year.

Desir made this disclosure at a press conference on Thursday at the Police Headquarters in Castries, during which crime statistics for the period of January to September were released.

The crime chief who assumed office in April of this year, said the country has recorded 24 homicides, 11 of which have been solved.

For the solved cases, persons were formally charged and are now before the courts.

Desir said there are other cases that have been forwarded to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for further advice, which he believes could lead to prosecution.

He also acknowledged the assistance of members of the public, who have come forward to assist the police with their investigations into these homicides.

However, Desir had said in August of this year that the closure of the forensic lab at Tapion has affected the ability of the Police Force to move forward with a number of serious crimes.

Desir said that his unit would have sent samples to be tested, but because of the closure of the lab, they have not been able to make headway with some of the cases, including the Oliver Gobat murder.

The lab was reportedly short on material to conduct forensic tests, which initially caused operations to slow down at the facility. It was later shut down and remains closed for over five months.

Nevertheless, Desir said the police will continue to work hard to ensure that more of these cases are solved.


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  1. Desir you smart you know you all need the lab to help you but you not smart enough to know that is when government finish their rounds and bacchanal then they wll look at fixing the lab. Lab doe have votes. Government expect you to solve crime with your fingerts nose and toes. On the list of police problems IMPACS is No. 1 whilst the lab is somwhere No. 9. But keep hoping Mr. Desir, keep hoping


  2. Officdr Desir ,
    I love your spirit and enthusiasm , but when the forensic lab was open it was slow to solve crime , now is the time we will solve murders in timely manner. By the way drugs are suppose to be confirmed and destroyed when Siezed. A few weeks ago there was a major bust , where a 170 + kilos we're seized . ( I am close in law enforcement abroad and this what my unit have observed, no formal investigation just observation) if a large quantity like that was seized with a closed forensic lab, how and where those drugs confirmed and to be destroyed and such a short space of time . My brothers in arms be very careful the world is watching , this pm is not saying a lot because his visa and his ministers are next on the choppin board .

    Food for thought.......


  3. We have sold out ourselves across the board in the type of expressions being directed towards our own black people. Read and see how someone using a racial word which has been used in places like Australia. Even when we were playing cricket with the white Australian calling us black bastards which is still continuing today in Australia. We are addressing a forensic issue to the point of calling our own people bastards but,if someone white call us bastards we are getting angry and ready to punch the white man.


  4. I cannot understand the uproar about the people the police killed as much as the IMPACS was based on eyewitness (and we know their quality) testimony. These are the same people who used to rob businesses and shoot people in broad daylight and murder witnesses to stay out of jail.


  5. Please stop misleading the public. The press make it sound like there is a terrific rate of crimes being resolved and prosecutions happening. When it says people are charged and before the courts it makes it sound like resolution is just round the corner. This is NOT the case - the 'before the court' part takes years and years, with adjournment after adjournment, so the victims and their families wait years for closure.
    There is not the success rate that is implied. How can there be with courts closed, forensic lab closed, lack of resources, the police in turmoil with the impacs report hanging over it etc?


  6. instead of funding the lab they funding all kind of illegal footpaths which cross peoples property. choops


  7. There must be a very good reason why the only forensic lab on the island. Let us say positive finger prints on those so call 12 persons who were slaughtered by the hands of those bastard police officers. The pm government closed it down for a reason. Investige that lab.


  8. We're not holding our breath! Excuses, excuses! . Crimes go unsolved for DECADES in this country. Sadly our police 'service' are woefully inadequate.


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