Cresslands Rehabilitation Project progressing smoothly

Cresslands Rehabilitation Project progressing smoothly

Rehabilitation and infrastructural work in the Cresslands, Soufriere area is well underway and progressing smoothly.

Minister for Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport Phillip J. Pierre, Parliamentary Representative for Soufriere Harold Dalson, along with a delegation toured the site to assess the progress of works.

Minister Pierre has expressed pleasure with the progress and work undertaken thus far.  He highlighted the government’s commitment towards maintaining and improving the country’s infrastructure.

He said: “First of all, we are here with honourable Harold Dalson, who is the parliamentary representative for Soufriere, basically, for us to see what is happening and to get a hands-on view as to what is happening, and for the people of Saint Lucia to understand that inspite the harsh economic times, the government is still trying to improve the quality of lives with support from our friends who have graciously loaned us the money. We realize that we are in tight fiscal times and this among other things, the government is still trying to build resilience infrastructure.”

The Cresslands bridge was one of the many roadways in Saint Lucia damaged by the passage of the Hurricane Tomas.

Principal Engineer, FDL Consult Inc., Gilbert Fontenard said the bridge structure is designed to increase the water capacity.

“The structure provides provision for a sidewalk, two lanes, six and a half litres carriage way and an additional 1m x 1.24 sidewalk. The sidewalk will be constructed on the abutment wall to separate the pedestrian from traffic. Also, for the railings, we have made provisions for over toppings to allow the railings to give way in  case of a flood event and reduce what we call a load in the lateral structure,” Fontenard said.

This project is funded by the World Bank and International Development Corporation at the cost of $2.9 million.


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