Credit card interest ease for customers who switch to CIBC FirstCaribbean

Credit card interest ease for customers who switch to CIBC FirstCaribbean

PRESS RELEASE – CIBC FirstCaribbean is putting more cash into the pockets of credit card holders over the next six months, by waiving interest on existing credit cards balances when customers switch their balances from another credit card to a CIBC FirstCaribbean Visa card.

People who are not currently holders of a CIBC FirstCaribbean Visa credit card can transfer their balances to CIBC FirstCaribbean and save big! Even the bank’s current customers who hold cards with the competition (credit or store card) can switch their balances to aCIBC FirstCaribbean Visa card and take advantage of the offer.

Customers, including current CIBC FirstCaribbean customers, who switch their card balance during the period July 1 to September 30, 2015 will enjoy:

•             A six (6)-month holiday from paying interest on the transferred balance (they will pay interest as normal on new purchases made after the switch)

•             No fee charged to make the balance transfer;

•             No joining fee – i.e. the first year’s annual fee on their new card is waived;

•             There’s also a payment holiday for the first month after the balance transfer – in other words, customers pay nothing for the first month!

•             And as if that was not enough, customers will receive a welcome bonus of 5,000 Rewards points. They can redeem those points through the bank’s superior Rewards programme which offers them more rewards choices, more security and more savings.

How much can a customer save?

To demonstrate the power of this offer, here are some examples of just how much a customer taking up this offer can save in this six-month period. Depending on their current card interest rate, customers can save hundreds of dollars over the six months of the offer.

CIBC FirstCaribbean’s Associate Director, Card Services, Jennifer Fuller, noted that the offer comes at a great time for persons looking to travel for the summer: “The timing of this offer was key.From here on, we know people are travelling for the summer, looking to outfit their kids for school after that; then we get into the busy holiday period.

“So this is the perfect time for us to put money back into the pockets of customers who choose a CIBC FirstCaribbean credit card. We’re excited to partner with Visa, the leading global payments network, to make available this market-leading offer.”

Anyone wishing to take advantage of this opportunity should visit their nearest CIBC FirstCaribbean branch or call the bank’s Customer Care and Sales Centre for more details.


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  1. While,am living oversees credit cards will soon be something of the past.Other people can used your pin to clean out your accounts.That is what those Bulgarians were using when they were caught in St.lucia.


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