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Crack cocaine among items seized from students; police promises to prosecute individuals in 2017

By SNO Staff


The Community Relations Branch (CRB) of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) on Wednesday displayed a cache of weapons and several packages of drugs confiscated by the police from students in the Castries basin.

Most of the items seized were mainly from secondary school students in Educational Districts 1 to 4, and the seizures were as a result of random school searches conducted by the department in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Corporal Ted King told the media that some were recovered during altercations between students, which occurred on the school premises and on the streets in and around Castries.

The weaponry included a total of 47 knives, with one knife measuring 12 inches; three knives measuring 7 and a half inches; two measuring 7 inches, and two knives measuring 6 and a half inches, respectively. Five cutlasses, 46 scissors, 9 screw drivers and 14 lighters are also among some of the list of items.

Meanwhile, the illegal drugs seized are as follows: 16 marijuana sticks, 9 (10-bag portions), 13 (five-bag portions), 104 marijuana foil wraps, which amounted to five pounds of marijuana. There was also three foil wraps containing crack cocaine found in students’ possession.

King said the number of students found in possession of illegal drugs, particularly cannabis, is alarming, and in some cases included form one students. The offenders and victims, he said, are getting younger and younger at an alarming rate, which is a cause for concern for the RSLPF, and should be of concern to the general public.

“The display witnessed here today is no child’s play, it is indeed a reflection of what some of our young people get themselves involved in. The following are all criminal offences: from possession of dangerous weapons, possession of illegal drugs, possession of stolen electronic devices.”

The crack cocaine in foil wraps on display.

The crack cocaine in foil wraps on display.

The CRB official said too that his department will continue its proactive approach in educating youth through school presentations, random school searches and interventions.

“The need for crime prevention programmes are of paramount importance to the RSLPF. As a result, the department will soon launch its crime prevention programme dubbed “School Crime Watch” (SCW) in Educational District 5.

King said in 2017, the Force is sending out a strong message to students and young people that no situation is resolved through violence, and that the effects of violence can be devastating to individual students, specific learning environments and even more devastating to society.

“The department, and by extension the RSLFP, will live no stone  unturned, by pursuing individuals who introduce our students in the sale and use of illegal drugs or other acts of criminality,” he asserted.

While no one was prosecuted for any of the offenses during the operation between 2015-2016, the police corporal told the media that the CRB will in 2017,  engage with the appropriate departments within the Force and the relevant government institutions, in order for individuals to be prosecuted.

“Let me encourage parents to play their part in ensuring that their child or children are brought up on the right path. It’s your responsibility to do so…” he added.

Weaponry found in students possession.

Weaponry found in students possession.

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  1. Bravo officer, for showing and telling us how some of the kids behave and what they engage into, very very sad and worrisome. Keep up the great job and continue to help them professionally respectfully calmly and even pray with them. Start by saying the our Father prayer

  2. This is just a Distraction from the latest POLICE killing. Why display drugs and weapons from 2015, 2016 now. Why didn't you deal with then.

  3. School should be like you home the next safest place but from what I see is a place now of fear and terror why do the need to have drugs in school any type of drugs is bad. We are victims of our sourrounding what his around is that war we emulate..look at the state of Saint Lucia drug gun knives attract you name it so if the kids are living in that eviroment That all the know and the will pick up the bad habits what the see .but I must say it is a sad state of affairs this have to change .when we have misguided leaders in power fight each other for power what example we leave for the young generation to follow or politic shameless or leader brainless . Our job situation hopeless . Salary less and less .the young generation the are under distress so we need to fix the social fabric of the Saint Lucian society, training start from home parent need to take the lead is trying the kids . Not at school the go to school to learn . I Pray that thing get only better not worse .

  4. Marijuana is one thing....but students having cocaine in their possessions is damn over board. Our country need prayers....we can't just be sitting here and letting these things pass us by..... We need to take action.

  5. What I see on that table is FEAR and DESPERATION. Why do children feel the need to bring weapons to school unless they are fearful of something or someone and Why do they carry drugs packaged ready to sell unless they are in need of money for something? The answer isn't in the courts it should be in the community with parents, teachers and administrators working to promote safety and wellbeing through programs that motivate and provide resources for the students.

    • You must not know many young people because what you have just explained is not the reality today. Children with hot meals on the table and shoes on their feet and popularity at school are the ones doing such crimes. After speaking to some young people i've come to realise that all despicable things are seen as "cool." Don't put your hands in fire for them....they are not suffering just playing the damn fool! choops

  6. Yea right!! We all know they are untouchable they will NEVER be persecuted,and we all know a promise is a comfort to a fool,so keep your promise for we are no fool.


  8. It is senseless to display your findings if the students will not be brought before the courts to answer to the charges. Let parents see the secondary school students who they refer to as good boys being charged for criminality. Only then, things might change for the better.

    • we have a total failure what we call a justice system !!! And government putting a blind eye on it. To have more magistrate do not much improvement, THE SYSTEM is the problem.


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