CPSA convenes 43rd Annual General Meeting over the weekend

CPSA convenes 43rd Annual General Meeting over the weekend
Civil Service Association (CSA) Mary Isaac
Civil Service Association (CSA) Mary Isaac

The Caribbean Public Services Association (CPSA) is a trade union federation in the Caribbean which links public sector unions in the region.

The CPSA converged here over the weekend to convene the opening ceremony of its 43rd Annual General Meeting.

Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, in his keynote address to the regional body, indicated that the theme ‘Quality Public Services, an Impetus to Economic Growth” is an urgent dialogue which must take place at this time.

The prime minister called for a new paradigm in negotiations to be a critical point of discussion in the ensuing deliberations of the Caribbean Public Services Association.

“Essentially I believe that the situation we face calls for a grand compact between governments, trade unions, and associations with their clientele in the Public Service. The objective should be to fashion common ground on future wage negotiations possibly for a specific period of time, say five years. The compact would agree on the basis for negotiations, the criteria on which future increases would be justified, and the conditions under which wage restraint would be justified.”

The prime minister noted that this was not an easy time for leadership in the Caribbean and a season for many changes.

Meantime, President of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association Mary Isaac also addressed the CSPA and outlined the tremendous contribution that is made by the public worker.

“Public Service workers are one of the pillars of economic and social development. As such it surprises me that CPSA is not more involved at the CARICOM and OECS levels. For the past few years since I became president of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association, in 2009 I have attended many local, regional and international meetings. “

Isaac says the CPSA will continue to be a central and collective voice for public sector workers.


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