CPMA restricts live video broadcast of Carnival events

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PRESS RELEASE – Following discussions between the Carnival Planning and Management Agency (CPMA) and its various stakeholders, the agency has opted to regulate television coverage of the 2014 Lucian Carnival festivities, with the exception of the Inter-Commercial House Calypso competition.

The CPMA has indicated that this move serves to bolster the gate receipts of Lucian Carnival’s signature events, which have traditionally aired live on television, and in some instances via web streaming platforms. All shows will, however, continue to be broadcasted live via the festival’s various radio partners.

Lyndon Arnold, Chairman of the CPMA, further highlighted the importance of this decision stating, “We have been entrusted with the legacy of Lucian Carnival, a responsibility that we have taken very seriously. We want to ensure that all of our cultural components continue to thrive, and profitable shows are integral to this goal.”

Spectators are as critical to the energy and dynamics of an extravaganza such as Carnival generates, Arnold said, citing the component of mobile technology as one platform by which offsite viewers have access to real-time views of the shows.

Against the consideration, and in view of the ultimate goal of ensuring that Lucian Carnival is monetised for future sustainability, streamlining the extent of live coverage is strategic to securing the business of Carnival, Arnold said.

“This is not just with the event organisers and their investment in mind, but also for ensuring these spectacles remain premium both in entertainment value and in their long-term viability as cultural products. But we cannot achieve this if no one comes to play the role of spectator and give that element of energy to the production.”

The CPMA gives the assurance however, that the festival’s lynchpin, the parade of the bands on July 21 and 22 will still be broadcast live via Lucia Carnival television and radio partners.


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  1. some local radio stations always tent to go off air when the main events starts..people on the internet are the ones suffering.RCI

  2. Can’t we just forego the whole carnival thing for one yeAR? After all things are so hard int he country government giving a million dollars to support panty and bra and yet they want to take 5% from public servants salary SMDH

  3. That is not fair. Some people honestly just cannot take these mass crowd events. Some people for health reasons (Asthmatic, Claustrophobic, etc) just cannot attend whether they wanted to or not. This is a bad move.

    Persons who live south of the Tunnel who do not have access to a motor vehicle have NO WAY of attending these shows with having extra money to pay for a private TAXI because there will be NO PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION going back to places like Marigot, Anse La Raye, Canaries, Millet, Soufriere, Fond St. Jacques, Chouseul, Laborie, Etc. How do people from these areas without the fortune of a Motor Vehicle attend?

  4. SERIOUSLY????????

    AN IDIOTIC stance by that committee… how bloody rude of you. This is an event that is part of our culture or whatever you wanna call it and you are taking it away just to bring in crowds?????.

    OH PLEASE…not everyone can afford to drive miles to come see this…many have economic issues…not many can stand in the blasted sun for events that never start on time…

    The one thing – seeing all the bands parade in the comfort of your home – which has been broadcasted for years… yall greedy.. money hungry imps tryna take it away?

    Crawl back under the rock you came from please!


    • Did you read and understand the article?? They clearly said that parade of the bands will be aired as usual. However there won’t be a live broadcast for the shows on television or web streaming but will be on radio. It was that way a few years back anyway. Nonetheless the point is read properly.

  5. Why not totally get rid of carnival.Can’t see the point in wasting taxpayers hard earned money and not much revenue is earned for those carnival days to help out the ailing economy.Some things need to give.

  6. concerned citizen

    This is CRAP, St.Lucians always flood carnival activities….nonsense…..is what you guys do with the monies after they are collected at the gates thats the issue. If the shows are carried live that will not stop LUCIANS from coming this is their thing and they always support. You must bear in mind MR……that they are persons who love their vaval but just can’t afford to attend every show, especially now when people are watching their dollar and would pick and choose what shows they will attend. This is our thing and stop the CRAP, stop using this as an excuse for misappropriation of funds

  7. So who cares?????Those who go to the shows willl always go to the shows whether it is broadcast or not. Those who do not go to the shows can’t really give a crap

  8. You must be an idiot. Go back and rethink those words smh

  9. Perhaps they should consider looking at online pay per view as a way to generate income. There are persons outside of saint lucia who would pay to watch some of the events. Also if an event is sold out then it can shown live or tape delayed. Persons cannot go to all events and there can be revenue from advertising during the televised replay.

    • The audacity of them to even consider pay per view with the poor quality we’ve become accustomed to over the years

      • worriedAboutLucia

        don’t get accustomed to it. just don’t watch it until they do better. lucians accept too much crap.

        they need to fix up.

  10. The island is going through economic hardship which is the reason behind lots of people dropping out from the event or not turning up at the show. Why not drop out Carnival for 1 year till the economy strives back. Lots of persons losing jobs or not making a good salary despite the high cost of living. This is so close after Jazz. Why not shift the event to August when most families are on hoilday both here and abroad.

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