COVID-19: Waste collection schedules remain unaffected – SLSWMA

COVID-19: Waste collection schedules remain unaffected – SLSWMA

(PRESS RELEASE) – The SLSWMA wishes to inform ALL residents that waste collection schedules remain unaffected.

However, in order to safeguard human health, the SLSWMA appeals to the public to exercise vigilance with respect to the management of all solid waste. As such, SLSWMA requests that residents adhere to the following:

– Ensure that all waste is bagged properly, limiting direct exposure to waste material by waste collection personnel.

– Double-bag waste containing personal cleaning supplies such as tissue, paper towels, wipes, used gloves etc.

– Place waste out ONLY on designated collection days, ideally between 6 and 7 a.m. This also applies to areas with communal bins, to avoid overloading and spillage.

– Secure all waste in order to limit access by stray animals and rodents.

Individuals wishing to access the landfill are reminded to follow instructions given by SLSWMA personnel and continue to practice social distancing; i.e. limiting person-to-person contact as much as possible while on site.

Persons interested in obtaining any documentation or application forms are advised to visit the Authority’s website or contact its WhatsApp hotlines.


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