Cousins accused in stoning incident freed

Cousins accused in stoning incident freed

Soufriere cousins Jamal and Semeon Gills had their matter discharged after Justice Francis Cumberbatch determined that they had served over a year at Bordelais on remand in connection with a case of assault.

The men had been held following an April 28, 2012 assault on 24-year-old Brendan Mitchel of Church Street, Soufriere.

Court records show that Mitchel reported that he was standing along the side of the road conversing with a neighbour about 3 am, when he felt a sharp pain to his right shoulder. Upon turning he noticed two men pelting stones in his direction.

He said he was subsequenly pursued by four men, two of whom he identified as the Gills.

During the altercation, Mitchel took several blows to his body.

He was treated at hospital, and upon making a police report, identified the Gills cousins as his attackers. He stated that he has had numerous run-ins with the two men in the past.

Semeon Gills, police said, stated that it was in fact Mitchel who had attacked him. He allegedly said that they had fought, and during the fight someone alerted his cousin Jamal, who stoned Mitchel.

Semeon explained that there is an unresolved gang fight in the area.


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  1. There wasn't any gang fights. the guy was maybe jealous of the other so he fought of making a laughing stock out of him.


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