Courts St Lucia hosts second Sales Finance Trade Fair

Courts St Lucia hosts second Sales Finance Trade Fair

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Local and Regional Furniture, Electrical and Optical Giants Courts will host for the second time its signature; Sales Finance Trade Fair at the company’s flagship store – Courts Marisule.

This Trade Fair will be held on Saturday March 3rd from 10 am to 4pm.

The Sales Finance Trade Fair will be held in collaboration with the company vendor partners is organized as a sensitization event, with the primary objective of creating a wider awareness of the opportunities available once customers shop at Courts or their vendor partners.

The vendor partners that will be present at the event includes: Essential Hardware, Automotive Arts, St. Lucia Bandag Ltd, JH Larchers, A1 Island Marine, Innovative Business Solutions Inc, Europa Hardware, Solar Connections Inc and KP Marine St Lucia- Authorized Distributors for Yamaha in St Lucia. Prospective customers will be treated to a live display of the products available for sale at the vendor partners with the option of shopping using Courts Ready Finance.

The Courts Sales Finance Product which was officially launched in Saint Lucia in August 2016 under the theme “No Cash! No Worries! We will buy it for you”, targets existing and prospective customers of Courts and is a great way for customers to get essential supplies without worrying about having the readily available cash to make that purchase.

Courts is indeed proud to have launched the Sales Finance Product especially during this time when there is a need for such a service in St Lucia. This new and exciting initiative is a demonstration of our commitment to reforming and diversifying the retail sector in St Lucia. The design of this product allows for a mutually beneficial relationship between Courts, our Vendor Partners and our loyal customers.

Furthermore, this initiative supported by our tagline: Bringing Value Home, allows Courts St Lucia to be part of an economy that works for all St Lucians, and which delivers added value to our customers, making Courts St Lucia a company of choice for all St Lucians.


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