Courts introduces same day delivery and installation

Courts introduces same day delivery and installation

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Unicomer (Saint Lucia) Limited trading as Courts, Courts Optical, Ready Cash, and Radio Shack, continues its quest to offer consumers an improved and more efficient level of service.

The business is known for its wide range of top quality, fashionable furniture, appliances, electronics and eye wear backed by affordable and flexible Ready Finance payment plans. Over the years the business has evolved in its product offering as well as the service offered to consumers and many initiatives, including a robust brand diversification strategy, have supported the growth of the business.

One recently launched initiative is the company’s “Same Day Delivery & Same Day Installation” of products. The Courts OECS Managing Director – Mr. Vincent Gordon – explained that the move to offer consumers this added benefit has everything to do with recognizing what consumers expect in today’s world of ‘real time’ service. He went on to explain that the company saw it fit to put its resources behind ensuring that customers receive their items within the same day of having made their purchase – if they shopped on or any of the five retail outlets throughout St. Lucia. He further explained that if a customer also chose to purchase the company’s installation / assembly service, then that service as well would be made available to the consumer on the same day of the purchase, shortly after the items were delivered to the customer. “We’re very proud to offer a level of service that is unmatched in St. Lucia and one that definitely cannot be enjoyed if products are purchased from other online retailers, we believe that today’s customer expects and deserves this level of efficiency.” Mr. Gordon concluded in his remarks.

Courts is proud to present this added value facility to customers and has boldly promised to continue looking for exceptional ways to offer even better service to all its customers.


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