Courts donate sewing machine to up and coming fashion designer

Courts donate sewing machine to up and coming fashion designer

PRESS RELEASE – Twenty-five year-old Quincy Farrell has always dreamt of featuring his designs in runway and fashion shows across the globe. As an amateur, the financial constraints and the pressures of building a career as a designer in St. Lucia is one that is less than favourable.

The young designer, known for featuring his designs in local competitions is adamant that he will be the next “Top Designer” for St. Lucia. Apart from having a passion for fashion, Mr Farrell is also deeply involved in pageantry. He also has his heart set on obtaining the Franchise account for Miss Teen Universe and is the current Founder and President of the St. Lucia Teen Pageantry.

Courts St. Lucia is known and appreciated for their constant support of the youth, their development and initiatives that enhance those skills. Recently, the company held a Fashionista.

Competition encouraging designers to sign up and replicate a design based on a piece of furniture. Quincy Farrell was the sole male participant and created a design depicting the company’s Darcy sectional; He was the 1st runner up.

The company was more than happy, upon receiving a request from Mr Farrell, to provide the much needed assistance. A donation of a top of the line Sewing Machine was presented to Mr Farrell, at a press conference on Friday October 2014.

The Company’s OECS Public Relations Officer, Ms Britney Jongue, reiterated the company’s goals and missions as corporate citizens to “Bringing Value Home”. She encouraged Mr Farrell to continue aspiring to achieve his goals and do his best to make St. Lucia proud.

Courts understands that in order to change the future we need to do take the necessary steps today. Our donations focus on Community Development, Youth Empowerment, Education, Health and Sports.

As corporate leaders, our goal is to improve the quality of life of our employees, their families and the communities where we operate, through programs and initiatives that will assist in the overall development of St. Lucia.

Courts Bringing Value Home


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