Courts delivers more than $10,000 worth of products to the needy; recipients selected by Darren Sammy

Courts delivers more than $10,000 worth of products to the needy; recipients selected by Darren Sammy


PRESS RELEASE – St. Lucia and the Caribbean’s leading retailer of the world’s best brands in Electronics, Appliances and Furniture products Courts, has started off the Christmas Season by spreading some joy to three families and two institutions in the south of the island.

This donation comes months after the company announced plans to render assistance to the less fortunate and under-privileged through their annual CPLT20 initiative in collaboration with the STL Zouks team.

The initiative, which is called “Meet the Players”,is an activity which was launched primarily to allow fans of the team to meet and greet their favourite cricketers. The decision to allow the cricketers to make a selection of any product from Courts up to the value of EC $2000 each for any charity or family of their choice was received with wide praise and acknowledgements from both cricketers and the audience alike.  It was most impressive to see customers using the opportunity to recommend a few underprivileged families and institutions in most dire need around St. Lucia.

The company made the long awaited and anticipated trip on Thursday October 15th to the south of the island with a Courts truck full of goods for the recipients. The Micoud Library, Micoud Community Pre School, Cindy Charles, Octavia Gittens and Marc Augier were the five families/institutions selected by St. Lucia Zouks Captain, Darren Sammy. Among the items donated were Whirlpool 30” cookers, laptop, and speakers to the recipients.

It was truly a joy to see the look of relief and satisfaction on the faces of the recipients as they welcomed the Courts teams into their homes. The realization of a need that went way beyond a simple donation could not have been misplaced, however, the joy of receiving such a gift from Courts, translated into hugs and cries of joy from all recipients.

Courts St. Lucia would like to thank the players from the STL Zouks especially Darren Sammy for supporting this initiative. Courts is known and appreciated for our continuous and interminable efforts to reduce poverty in St.Lucia.

The company has assisted institutions such as the Faustin’s home in Soufriere, The St. Lucy’s home in Castries as well as the Boys’ Training Centre to name a few. We are a company centered on providing direct assistance to disadvantaged families through community based and sustainable programs that offer the beneficiaries development opportunities and a better quality of life.




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  1. Good job Courts and DS but speakers? The way things going in SLU I would rather accept grocery over speakers.
    Thanks for the goodwill and happy to see you'll giving back over and over again.


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