COURT ROUND-UP: President in trouble; assault with deadly weapon

COURT ROUND-UP: President in trouble; assault with deadly weapon

Assault with deadly weapon

Charged with assault with a deadly weapon, Geraldine Edmay learned her fate at the hands of Magistrate Sharon Gardner yesterday during her sentencing hearing.

Taking into account that the defendant is a mother, is of good character, and gainfully employed, the magistrate handed down the minimum sentence of one year imprisonment.

The sentence was further suspended for three years during which time Edmay, if brought up on any similar charges, will be immediately incarcerated for the full nine-month term in addition to the new term imposed at the time.

Edmay was also ordered to attend anger management sessions with the Family Court.

President in trouble

The prosecution yesterday made closing arguments in the case of the Crown versus Nelry President who is charged with possession of a controlled substance.

The prosecution stated while police found no physical evidence of drugs on President or his boat, there was reasonable suspicion of guilt due to his actions on the day of his arrest.

Counsel for the defense, Alberton Richeleau, argued that reasonable suspicion should lead to actual evidence in order for charges to be laid.  He stated that the prosecution has failed in their duty to produce physical evidence as proof of reasonable suspicion.

The case was adjourned to November 23, 2012.


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