Countrywide verification exercise begins today

Countrywide verification exercise begins today

The Electoral Department will embark on a countrywide verification process starting Wednesday, July 14, 2015, to update the existing voters’ lists.

This exercise will ensure the registration of people who are not registered as voters, and update the names and addresses of people who may have moved from one location to the other.

Chief Elections Officer Gaspard Jn Baptiste said it is the responsibility of the department to go into the fields and verify that the number of persons on the voters’ lists, corresponds with all the information that was provided when they were registered.

The exercise will also give a clearer picture of the number of persons who live in each of the constituencies.

Over 100 verification clerks will be taking part in the countrywide house to house exercise.

The public is asked to cooperate with the clerks who will be identified by tags, bags and t-shirts.

Saint Lucians will head to the polls next year to vote for the party of their choice, when the country holds its general elections.


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  1. I have been deprived voting last election because of the electoral department's mistake, when they issued my identification card which i got after my 18th birthday they didn't give me a registration number on the card, I have yet to get a new id card as mine is still valid for the next few years. Not voting anyway...Never!


  2. Utilize both Creole/ Patois,& English to inform the masses so as to ensure proper voter registration.


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