Country Strikers Youth & Sports Club launches environmental awareness campaign

Country Strikers Youth & Sports Club launches environmental awareness campaign

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Emancipation Day marked the beginning of the Country Strikers Youth & Sports Club thrust towards raising awareness on the importance of preservation and conservation of the environment with a Community Clean-Up Campaign.

This activity was the first in a series of events in the community of Banse La Grace, Laborie aimed at promoting sustainable practices and developing a cadre of residents who are environmentally conscious under the theme “Our Community, Our Environment, Our Responsibility”.

Recognizing the importance of young people in being instruments of change in society, the club took on this responsibility as part of its mandate within the community. The clean-up campaign provided an opportunity to not only rekindle the community’s beauty but for members to engage with residents in an informal setting to sensitize them on sustainable practices they can adopt that can lead to a cleaner environment. Following on from the Plastic Free July campaign a great emphasis was placed on reducing the use of plastics specifically single use plastics in the community.

The Club is also developing plans for the implementation of a major renewable energy project within the community, that would make residents less dependent on fossil fuels as a main source of energy. This will fall in line with one of its campaign objectives which is to develop a model green community. The organization urges other groups around the island to implement similar campaigns as it is through such initiatives specifically aimed at tackling environmental issues at the community level we can successfully foster a greener nation.


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