Country Strikers Youth & Sports Club embarks on field maintenance project

Country Strikers Youth & Sports Club embarks on field maintenance project

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Country Strikers Youth and Sports Club (CSYC) on Sunday August 20th, 2017 commenced its Playing Field Maintenance Project.

This is a youth and sports club based in the community of Banse La Grace, Laborie and has been in existence for over twenty years. This organization’s primary focus, is the promotion of youth & community development as it seeks to develop a cadre of young people who can make a meaningful contribution towards the betterment our society.

As an organization which places great emphasis on sports, having recognized the deteriorating condition of the playing surfaces in the community, the club has sought to undertake on its own the maintenance of the playing field as part of its commitment to Sports in the community.

The club recognizes the need to ensure that the athletes in the community, some of whom have gone on to represent both at the national and regional level in various sporting disciplines, are provided with a proper playing surface that is easily accessible.

Through this initiative, the football and cricket teams who over the years have suffered tremendously, will have a playing field that is of an acceptable standard to facilitate the proper training of its members, rather than having to travel to another community simply to practice.

Sports has been proven to be an avenue through which young people can improve their socio-economic status and social issues such as juvenile delinquency can be curtailed, therefore as a youth organization we have an obligation to ensure that our young people are not denied this opportunity.

In addition to this, this initiative will aid in fostering community togetherness among residents, as majority of the works done are by club members and residents of the community.

With the limited resources of the club, and to ensure the sustainability of this project, the club is willing to partner with both public and private sector organizations who are willing to contribute towards this project thus ensuring that our sportsmen and women can thrive and that the club continues to fulfill its mandate of promoting youth and community development.


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  1. If the government want to welcome sporting stars at the airport and make their self looks good maintain the bloddy playing fields . Don't recognise when there is a winner


    • I am not sure if you were aware but there was an islandwide field maintenance program implemented by the last administration which was subsequently stopped by our current government. Hope this response brings a degree of clarification for you.


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