Countdown to end-of-year celebrations begin

Countdown to end-of-year celebrations begin

PRESS RELEASE – Now that celebration for the feast of Saint Cecilia or feast of musiciansisover, the Christmas season has officially begun. The arrival of the month of December means that the countdown to the end of another year, is on.

The December Festivals, hosted by the Cultural Development Foundation, are a series of traditional and historical festivals which bring Saint Lucians together in the spirit of community through artistic creativity with the use of light – a symbol of rebirth.

Three (3) major events make up the December Festivals – the Lantern Festival, the Festival of Carols and the Festival of Light.  The traditional Lantern Festival showcases creative mastery and will take place at the National Cultural Centre on Saturday December 6th, 2014 at 2:30 p.m.

Pre-judging for the competition commences at 12:30 p.m.  Lantern-making workshops which were facilitated in Castries and Desruisseaux (November 8th – 29th) and in Laborie (November 16th – 23rd) will continue as Saint Lucians interested in keeping that tradition alive, hone their skills in the art.

On Sunday December 7th, the Saint Joseph, the Worker Roman Catholic Church in Gros Islet will be the venue for the Festival of Carols. From 7:00 p.m., Just Us Choir, the Cathedral Junior Choir, the Labayee Choir, the Charles Cadet Orchestra, Shayne Ross and Ann Marie Headley, among others, will raise their voices in heavenly chorus, in what is expected to be a spirit-filled gathering.

On Friday December 12th, the highly anticipated Festival of Light will commence with a themed concert at 7:30 p.m. at the Derek Walcott Square, incorporating music, dancing, drama and of course, lights.

Lanterns from the lantern competition on December 6th, will be hung around the square for public admiration throughout the evening.

The conventional “switching on of the lights” will take place at 9:30 p.m. after which a celebratory fireworks display is expected.

Street masqueraders accompanied by a live band will parade from the Derek Walcott Square to the Castries Harbour to participate in the releasing of goodwill lanterns.

Lanterns, which cost five dollars ($5) are available now for purchase at the Cultural Development Foundation.  Lanterns will also be sold at the venue for participation in a procession to the Castries Harbour for a ritual of floating lanterns or for decorating homes over the season.


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  1. We used to have our self manufactured lantern festival on the same night before lights were switched on. The whole intention of the celebration was one to encourage grassroots participation, thereby evoking a sense of accomplishment.

    We now have commercial lanters being sold by an entity, eroding our sense of accomplishment and self worth and turning us to consumeristic subjects waiting to be taken advantage of. To help this process we have even added a culture of another country in the floating of lanterns. We are adopting another culture to the detriment of ours, even the who Christmas focus has shifted from one of papa jab and bamboo bursting to one of Santa Claus, christmas trees, gifts and even snow in our houses. We are now loosing our traditional values and are wondering why do our children walk with weapons and the pants hung under their buttocks, headphones in ears all day as if not listening to anything that we saying. Even being gay is normal.

    A nation who doesn't know its past will never know its future.


  2. Is that what you are trying to sell to the St. Lucian people? We right thinking people know of aor traditions and it could never be eroded by the inability of a government to nuture its people economically, socially and culturally.

    Traditionally our Christmas season began from September, a festival was added in October in the name of Jounen Creole. The establishment wanted to create this atmosphere that Christmas celebrations officially began after that date. They are now trying to create this same perception that Christmas season officially begins after St. Cecilia. They have even gone further to establish it on the 13th December.

    But guess what? We know our tradition so to hell with your system of manipulation. If you were taking care of your people year round then you would have no reason trying to declare an official start to Christmas. Why wasn't there any of this before; it was because most people were happy and looked foward to Chirstmas from many months before in anticipation of an even greater thanksgiving. Now the people are predominantly occupied with making ends meet and to satify an ever increasing greed by the commercial world of consumerism.

    Babylon System is a vampire. Sucking the blood of the sufferer!!!


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