Count down to lobster fishery closure: 20 days left

Count down to lobster fishery closure:  20 days left

lobster_pictures_deep_oceanPRESS RELEASE – The Department of Fisheries wishes to remind all hotels, restaurants and purchasers island-wide, that the Lobster Fishery will be closed from March 1, 2016 until August 1, 2016, both days inclusive.

Today marks 20 days to the closure and purchasers are particularly urged to monitor their lobster stock and purchases closely.  They are further advised that establishments will not be allowed to use any lobsters remaining in stock after the closure.  

Please be reminded that all establishments are required to submit a declaration by March 4th of all purchases and lobsters remaining after the closure.  Be guided accordingly.


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  1. all lobsters must be hiding in their holes waiting for that count down, they must be planning a big fete there when the last day arrives fires works or should i say water works and all


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