Electricity restored at Cotton Bay Resort

Electricity restored at Cotton Bay Resort

PRESS RELEASE – Regrettably the power supply to Cotton Bay Village was disconnected earlier this week, but by working closely with Lucelec, the supply was restored within 48 hours.

We sincerely apologise to guests and residents for any inconvenience and upset this has caused and we will continue to work closely with Lucelec to ensure there is not a reoccurrence.

Cotton Bay continues to operate as a high quality resort and we can assure our guests and the people of Saint Lucia that they will continue to receive a warm welcome and wonderful experience here at the village.

We also wish to thank the loyal team at Cotton Bay for their support and commitment during this time.

The Board Plantation Beach Condominium, Cotton Bay Village.


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  1. We nearly cancelled our holiday to cotton bay (from England) because of bad reviews. i hope they don't get cut off again whilst we are staying there.


  2. They thought they were dealing with IRD and not paying their taxes while still demanding special treatment.

    They thought they were dealing with farmers who they pay when they want.



  3. That's the biggest problem in St lucia we do not want to pay out bills. These are the essential needs but we have money for all other things choops!!!


  4. Oh dear! The tourists will be telling every one that. If there were any English guests there, the whole of England will know.#embarassing!


  5. All this embarrassment could have been avoided. I did not need to know cotton bay doesn't pay their bills. I'm disappointed.


  6. I wonder what arrangement was made to have that electricity restored cuz I don't wanna believe they had the money all along


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