COTED to hear Barbados, St. Lucia trade dispute

COTED to hear Barbados, St. Lucia trade dispute
Minister of International Business in the Barbados government, Donville Inniss. Photo credit:

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados: International Business Minister Donville Inniss says Barbados will use the May 6-10 Council of Trade and Economic Development (COTED) to resolve a possible trade dispute with St. Lucia.

St. Lucia has announced the imposition of a 70 per cent tax on Barbadian goods effective May 1.

Castries, has, in the past, pointed to a 2012 COTED decision which allows for CARICOM‘s lesser developed countries to implement the duty on products from the region’s more developed countries.

Barbados has not issued an official complaint on the matter but the international business minister maintains that his government will not allow the situation to escalate into a trade war.


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  1. First the big country Guyana,then the big island Jamaica now the little bit bigger us. Hasn't Barbados prove that the size of A country has nothing to do with development. lets not go there with the insults. let our minds be bigger than the size of our beautiful country.


  2. So many st Lucian's live in Barbados, its A shame to read these comments. It seems like every Caribbean island has A problem with Barbados.Yet the people of the other islands running to the bajans little land for better living. I maybe wrong, but wasn't Barbados buying most of our fruits and vegetables.


  3. Only the manufacturers stand to gain from this move. As the imported products that will be affected will be much more expensive than the locally produced ones. It means that companies that import goods to resell like Peter & Co, Renwick, Brydens and all the others may be sending people home when their goods don't sell. It also means that our choices will be limited as well on the supermarket shelves. Maybe its payback time from KEN-E. Lucian watch your bread!


  4. No need to talk like that AB, son of Helen. Yes, we have all come across the arrogance of some Barbadians thinking that they are some how above other Caribbean islands. They love the "Little England" tag not realizing it has its own "Uncle Tom" connotation to it.
    But the arrogance is not representative of all Barbadians, and especially not representative of the manufacturers who seek to export to Saint Lucia.
    Saint Lucia's tax levy also is not in response to any petty quarrels with our Bajan neighbours. It is simply a policy decision taken to help facilitate the growth of our local manufacturing industry. I can understand why they would be frustrated about it, but it is within the laws of the trade agreements and it is within our right to implement these measures.
    If it were the other way around, they would think us damm rude for even taking issue with it.


  5. That's what you get by belittling people and saying they're 20 yrs behind, now take that Bimshire. Bajans, your arrogance is showing and we just gave you a prescription for that disease. Now close your eyes, swallow that bitter pill and repeat, I will not look down on my neighbours again.
    We reap what we sow!


  6. Hmmm.

    Poor countries competing against one another to see which ones are "More Developed" than the other,creating this stupid ass-backward clause in a Treaty to cite those they believe are not on their Level due to a level of "False Pride," and arrogance.

    So, here we are with St. Lucia making full use of this claus.
    Why are you Barbadians on island "166.4 sq miles," calling Foul?

    Oh, so now you realize that this clause is out-dated?
    Come on now!
    Perhaps, i may know just one item that Barbados exports to St.Lucia. And this particular Item is so inferior in manufacturing, that I've wondered why do we still import anything from this small island.

    In this Hard Times, we have the obligation to protect our manufacturing industry.
    And if our Government sees it fitting to go this way.
    Then i support them.

    Barbados can export this inferior items (including their women,) to their daddies in the UK.


    • I hope that everyone on this blog remember when you are insulting Bajans we are always willing to jump to your aid.To AB our manufacturing is never inferior,do your homework on the standards that our companies employ to ensure that persons purchasing our products are satisfied.


      • To our Aid?
        What is this Aid you speak of?
        On what delusional ground are you standing.
        Both islands are poor and needs help, you stupid retarded fool.

        Why on earth do poor islands like these, whose only main stay of economic stimulation is the Yankee dollar is fighting over such nonsense?

        You need to get a brain or perhaps a Transplant, dear lady.


        I do not buy any Barbadian products, because i truly believe they are inferior.
        And i have not seen many.
        Perhaps just one.
        And it is inferior in manufacturing.
        It has given the belief that i need to stay the hell away from any products (if i were to see the on any shelf in SLU.)

        Furthermore, i try my best to only buy products from ST. LUCIA.


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