Prime minister prepares for 2013 Budget Presentation

Prime minister prepares for 2013 Budget Presentation
St Lucia Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony
Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony will, in the next two weeks, meet with a number of corporate and social partners in preparation for the 2013/2014 Budget Presentation.

On Tuesday, April 9, 2013, the prime minister is expected to host separate meetings with the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, and the Banking Association.

When the Chamber of Commerce and the prime minister met last year, the ease of doing business was the main area of concern for both parties. In response, a joint committee was established to assess the World Bank’s Ease of doing Business Report and to provide recommendations to address some of the shortcomings highlighted in the report.

At tomorrow’s meeting, both parties will exchange views on the economy and initiatives to enhance the prospects for economic growth.

The Bankers Association has been a reliable partner in the development of Saint Lucia. Two banks have partnered with the government of Saint Lucia to help ordinary Saint Lucians recognize the dream of owning or expanding their homes through the Construction Stimulus Package.

Prime Minister Anthony remains hopeful, that despite the challenging financial climate, the parties can find common ground on proposed policies to stimulate further investment. The prime minister also plans to meet representatives of other sectors, including labour unions, to share views on the budget and the future prospects for the economy.

The prime minister has been meeting with a number of government agencies over the past four weeks and is expected to announce the dates for the new session of Parliament and the presentation of the 2013/2014 Budget in the next few days.


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