Coronavirus patient in St. Martin declared virus free

Coronavirus patient in St. Martin declared virus free

(SNO) – One of two people who were tested positive for the feared coronavirus (COVID-19) in St. Martin has been declared virus free by French authorities.

The Agence Régionale de Santé (ARS) confirmed late Wednesday that the person has been “cured,” French website La 1ère has reported.

However, the other person is still positive and remains in quarantine in St. Martin.

The two were the first to be tested positive for the virus on the French part of the island.

According to the AFP, they were parents of a person from St. Barthélemy, who had tested positive for the virus, and were leaving for Paris from Juliana International Airport (located on the Dutch side of Saint Martin) earlier this month when they were handed over to the French authorities because they presented symptoms of the coronavirus.

The person in St. Barthélemy remains positive and is also in quarantine.

There are no new cases on St. Martin, however a man with respiratory problems was admitted on Tuesday, March 10, to the specialized service of the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital.

Tests were made for the deadly virus but they turned out to be negative.


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