Coronavirus cases in Guadeloupe keep climbing; now 33

Coronavirus cases in Guadeloupe keep climbing; now 33
he United Kingdom has recorded a total of 382 Coronavirus cases of the virus with six deaths.

(SNO) – Cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the French island of Guadeloupe keep climbing with new ones being reported everyday.

As of Wednesday, the number of comfirmed cases stand at 33, from 27 on Tuesday afternoon.

The new data was released by the prefecture of the island and the Agence Régionale de Santé on Wednesday.

Three are in hospital in the infectious disease unit and one is in intensive care.

Given the spread of the disease in Guadeloupe, authorities are now adapting a strategy for screening, the prefecture said in a press release.

The main principles include, systematic screening of hospitalized people, screening of people at risk following a medical evaluation, screening of professionals essential to continuity of service to the population, among others.


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