Coronavirus: Bermuda now has 17 cases; curfew imposed from Sunday

Coronavirus: Bermuda now has 17 cases; curfew imposed from Sunday

(THE ROYAL GAZETTE) — A countrywide curfew will be imposed between 8pm and 6am from Sunday, the Premier said today.

David Burt added it would be a “rolling curfew”, which can be imposed for three days at a time.

Curfew breakers will face up to six months in jail, a fine of $2,880 or both.

But Mr Burt said that anyone travelling to the hospital or for medical treatment would be “fine”.

Mr Burt also revealed two more people had tested positive for Covid-19 after four more results came in.

The news meant the total number of confirmed cases has risen to 17.

Patient 16 was said to be a passenger on the Delta 656 flight from Atlanta on March 15.

The second case is still under investigation.

Mr Burt said that emergency and uniformed services would be exempted from the curfew.

An additional 400 test kits are expected to arrive in Bermuda next Tuesday from the United States.

The Department of Public Transportation is to provide lifts for hospital staff, enough to cover five shifts, while buses and ferries are closed down.

Mr Burt also emphasised that the Bermuda Government would not shut down “anything” without notice after a hoax voice message about supermarkets closing was posted on social media earlier today.

“Messages don’t make it to the public if people don’t forward them,” Mr Burt said, noting that alarmed shoppers had flocked to supermarkets, causing long queues.

He said the public should follow updates on the Government website, not messages online.

Mr Burt added the Government would also introduce an anonymous hotline for people pressured to go into their jobs instead of working from home.

He predicted that the island faced “a few more weeks” of stringent restrictions — with recommended social distancing now upped from three feet to six feet.


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