COP denies reports of increased security for gov’t ministers

COP denies reports of increased security for gov’t ministers


Acting Commissioner of Police Errol Alexander has denied reports that there has been an increase in security personnel for ministers of government.

Alexander said: “I as acting Commissioner of Police would like to know about this increase in security. I don’t have a clue that we have increased security for government minister.”

The acting top cop said he can confirm that there has been an increase in security for Minister of National Security Victor Lacobiniere, but he cannot speak for the other ministers.

“I am sitting here telling the truth,” Alexander told reporters today at a press conference, when asked whether this alleged increase could affect the manpower of the police force.

But former National Security Minister Guy Mayers said at a recent United Workers Party (UWP) public meeting that the number of security officers for cabinet ministers has indeed increased.

According to Mayers, Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has 14 police officers at his disposal on a 24-hour basis, while Deputy Prime Minister Phillip J. Pierre has three police officers for his personal safety.

Meanwhile, La Corbiniere’s security numbers has also been increased due to threats he claim to have received. A 24-hour security plan has since been put in place ever since this incident.

Opposition parties have criticised the move to allegedly increase the number of security for ministers of government, when the Royal St. Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) is already faced with a manpower issue.


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  1. If ministers are refusing to take a pay cut in order to help the country get out from the gobal debut why should we keep them in office. And if you're so terrified for your life you should be able to pay for your security detail on your own mister minister Mr commissioner their security detail has grown in bodies and you're trying to tell us that we aren't sitting footing the bill for that. That we're all just blind and we can't see there more police constables in their detail. Are you trying to tell us the whole island is more blind than Jim coco snow?


  2. Kill who with bullets been sold by cops ! Stop wasting tax payers dollars you'll raping us and making us look like fools why not take a pay cut as we the people are surferring auger with us ?


  3. Kenny has 14 officers, Pip has 3 la corb has an increase since the so called threats and the commissioner says no increase in security. WOW!!!!
    BTW don't think anyone would waste their time trying to take out any of those airbags. chupz tan


  4. Another secret police force, perhaps not even the Acting Commish "has a clue" about. He just sitting on his "clueless" arse while the PM exploits the police force for political maneovring. Mr Combitchtioner get a clue!


    • That garbage you talk about is a little bit more dignified than the rest. At least it don't wash its dirty linen in public. Besides it is not populated by a bunch of insecure and egoistic idiots.


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