COP 23 underway

COP 23 underway

(GIS) – The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, the Caribbean Community for Climate Change Coalition, and the United Nations for Climate Change have partnered to represent the region at COP 23.

COP 23 is a follow-up to the Paris Agreement aimed at mitigating carbon emissions, to which Saint Lucia is a signatory.

Dawn Pierre-Nathoniel, acting Deputy Chief Sustainable Development and Environment Officer within the Department of Sustainable Development, is a part of the delegation representing the OECS and Saint Lucia.

Updating the region on how the conference is progressing Mrs Nathoniel has stated that one focus is the development of a work plan with key strategically targeted areas.

“Here at COP 23 we are looking to adopt a five-year rolling work plan. This is part of the work of the executive committee that was established under the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage. This five-year rolling work plan has five work streams including slow onset events; sea level rise and ocean acidification; comprehensive risk management; insurance and risk assessment; and non economic losses such as life, culture and self—like what happened with Barbuda and Dominica where persons had to leave their country and move somewhere else and start all over again.”

She continued: “We also have a work stream on human mobility which deals with migration and displacement. Importantly for us there is a workstream on action and support which is fundamental to delivering on the full mandate of the Water International Mechanism for loss and damage. So parties are currently looking at this workplan and trying to ensure that we have language that strengthens the workplan, to ensure that it delivers for particularly-vunerable developing countries like ours.”

COP 23 is presently being held in Bonn, Germany, from Nov. 6 to 17.


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