Coolie Town child recuperating, police continue investigation

Coolie Town child recuperating, police continue investigation
Four-year-old Devin Charles was allegdely slapped in the face.
Four-year-old Devin Charles was allegdely slapped in the face.
Four-year-old Devin Charles was allegdely slapped in the face.

Four-year-old Devin Charles who was hospitalised on Thursday last with a fractured ankle and bruises about his body, caused by alleged physical abuse is recuperating, relatives said.

The child’s aunt, Vern Saverin, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today that the police and Human Services Department have been playing a very active role in the case.

Devin who resides in Coolie Town was also admitted to Victoria Hospital for vomiting blood. He was allegedly stomped in the stomach and other parts of his body.

Saverin said the police have visited Devin’s home and taken statements from both his parents. The police also took a statement from the aunt and neighbours.

While the child could be returned home, Human Services have decided not to send him now, so as to keep him out of harm’s way and to facilitate a full police investigation, Saverin said.

Devin’s father who is alleged to have abused him, was recently released from prison, after serving a six-months sentence for abusing his eldest child, who is 8-years-old.

A report was also made with the police about three years ago, where he had abused another child.


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  1. Are you serious? This child should never be returned to the home. As a matter of fact. the parents especially the father should have a restraining order put against him for life. He should also have to pay child support to the person who will be taking care of the child. These men need to stop preying on these kids.


  2. The system just keeps failing our kids and our women ....... the minister and director just talks ...... they are office people they get paid and that is all they care about ...... they go to lunches and dinners ..... meet all who comes here talking about kids and women and keep all information as theirs. We need more private groups involved.


  3. Nice that they are taking this case seriously but I don't understand why should he return to that household with history of child abuse by the dad. The mom is an enabler because she keep going back to him and allowing him in the house. All kids should be removed from their care


  4. Stop having sex with losers and then kids pay for it. Put a condom or use any other protection. These kids then grow up and treat other people the same way and that is why the world is that way today.


  5. But wait how do you know who abused the child... st lucia there is a certain point when we call decipline abuse that is to much no parent should be stomping on his or her kid of hitting him so hard to cause the child brain damage come on now folks am all for punishing the kid and being strick but there is what you call abuse that one I think needs to be looked into and why aint the police hasty to arrest these people .... vomitting blood come on next thing you gonna hear that this child is dead.... SICK SICK SICK.... .this is what happens when you have people who aint ready or fit to be parents


  6. "Although the child could return home" really are you serious, not if the guy whom did this is around.
    Coward the guy is picking on kids.


  7. What has this child done to you as his father to warrant this? If it's not the mother's is the children when will this brutality against another human will end


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