Coolie Town child hospitalised after alleged physical abuse

Coolie Town child hospitalised after alleged physical abuse
Four-year-old Devin Charles was allegdely slapped in the face.
Four-year-old Devin Charles was allegdely slapped in the face.
Four-year-old Devin Charles was allegdely slapped in the face.

Another four-year-old child has been hospitalised after he was allegedly physically abused by his father, who was recently released from prison for abusing another one of his children.

Devin Charles of Coolie Town is currently a patient at the Victoria Hospital. He was allegedly stomped in the stomach and other parts of his body on Thursday and was vomiting blood, relatives said.

Vern Saverin, a relative of the child, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today (October 17) that Devin was allegedly badly beaten by both his mother and father for reasons unknown to her.

Saverin said, “The father allegedly stepped on the boy’s stomach while beating him. He also has a slap mark on his face. His back had lashes from a belt too. And he is unable to walk properly because of an injury to his ankle.”

This is not the first time that the child’s father has abused him or his other siblings, Saverin alleges. She said a report was made with the police about three years ago, where he had abused another child.

According to her, the man was also recently released from prison after serving a six-month sentence for abusing his eldest child, who is eight years old.

Saverin said she is upset that the father continues to allegedly abuse his children, even after serving prison time for injuring one of his child. The community, she said, is also concerned about the children’s well-being.

She is of the opinion that the father has not learned his lesson, and is asking that the authorities look into the issue. She said a report on this recent incident has been made with the police.

Saverin claims that she was also threatened by the child’s father for making the report. “He saw me on the road while I was dropping off my daughter this morning and came up to me and said he will kill me.”

Four-year-old Milan Ferdinand who died recently was also allegedly physically abused. A post-mortem exam revealed that he died from severe brain damage due to blunt -force trauma.

At the time of his death, he was under the care of his father and step-mother.

The child also fractured his ankle.
The child also fractured his ankle.

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  1. Only six months for child abuse? Why wasn't he locked away for longer? Bravo to the person who broke this story. Made this ONE report will be enough to stop this monster once and for all


  2. This is so absurd~!! Human/Social Services in my opinion are so the hell can a man be out of prison for the abuse of his children and allow to be back in that same home!! Human/Social Services are no difference from the Police Force. Those kids should have been taken out from the home knowing that this man would be back in that home..smfh!! This man should not be let near those kids this is so crazyyyyyyyyy...What the hell are those "authorities" thinking to let this maniac out and in the presence in the home of where those same kids were abused and as is seen this four year old abused by this no good for nothing piece of shit!! Ms. Lewis yourself and your crew need to step up your game..don't you have kids of your own...y'all sit your merry asses in big positions and do nothing for society..especially when it's a "lower class" person when shit hits the fan!! y'all are a waste of time in my a Paralegal I've had to work on cases like these and your department was always at fault..smfh!!


  3. This is most horrifying for this child-where are the POLITICIANS, police chief ,social service, in St Lucia, including the PM ? they can change the culture to eliminate capital punishment and increase jail time to these animals that are beating kids.
    what is being done immediately to keep this animal off the street? this is INTENT TO KILL, not abuse.


    • This is exactly what is wrong with our society today, we leave everything up to the "POLITICIANS, police chief ,social service, in St Lucia, including the PM" We cry everyday Oh how they fail us yet instead of reverting to the days when a community raised a child, we look to pass the buck. Is that a solution? if it were, wouldn't it have proven tried and proven by now?
      So instead of passing the buck to the above mentioned let's start to look out for on another, NOT and I repeat NOT overlook that the Ministries play their part in providing legislation and an environment for a child to exercise his/her right to be a healthy normal child. But it starts at home/community.


  4. I can't understand why God allows these kind of people to conceive and some people who would love and care for children can't conceive for some medical reason. I am baffled by this daily.


  5. God said suffer lil children cum unto me 4 such is your kingdom!!so y does ppl treat god children so cruel....both of dem need jailing i don't understand wat kinda mother wud help a man beat up her kid she's not a mother did girl is a murder....luv u luv a fuckin man so mama enye' di 2..her turn is next i leave her deh for d man


  6. I have and eight year old, i threaten to smack her all the time amd just can't. There are other means of punishment. They kids are innocent. Don't punish them for the actions of the so called parents... They are meant to be trouble some and rebellious at this age..... Lucians we need to stand and be a voice for the innocent kids...


  7. I don't even no why I'm crying so son is four....I would never destroy his childhood like this....nor let anyone else do it..




  9. Vern Severin I salute you for being the voice for little Devin. You may have just saved his life. You did what his own mother has failed to do. I don't know what mechanisms are in place by the system but I pray that Devin does not have to go back to this house of horrors.


    • Yes Mary Francis needs to speak up, but it is the department of human services that needs to answer for this one. Why would a man who was jailed for abusing a child be put into a home with other children?

      The kids are so defenseless....whose looking out for them?


  10. The only question that should be asked is "Why did the system allowed this man to be around his children when he was already found guilty and sentenced for abusing a previous child?" This system is so non-caring and sick it hurts my heart.


  11. Listen...that gives me a rage..after you"l heard about lil millan u mean to tell me parents are not me the person who beats or abuse my child trust me u gonna suffer...i remember growing up getting lots of beating from my mom and that i wont support for a parent to abuse his or her child *protect our children* because they are our FUTURE


    • Every time I read those news reports about the children I get so pist and emotional ,i have a 4 year old and am so protective of him y can people be so mean especially to kids, a4 year old smh