‘Coolie’ accused of hiring then robbing taxi driver at gunpoint

‘Coolie’ accused of hiring then robbing taxi driver at gunpoint

Arnauld Anthony Henry aka Coolie, one of two men accused of robbing a taxi driver, will stand trial for robbery.

According to court records, Henry, a resident of Bocage, Castries, and an unnamed partner, hired taxi driver Bertrand Charles on January 20, 2012 for a trip.

On arriving at their destination, Charles was allegedly held at gunpoint, beaten about the head and left in a deserted area. The men left with his car.

Charles was also forced at gunpoint to give up the PIN for his ATM card, and was relieved of the card and other documents including his national ID.

The taxi driver mad his way to an occupied area and sought help from persons present.  He later sought medical attention and made a police report.

Charles’ vehicle was recovered a few days later and some of the stolen documents were found within.

Police investigation determined that Charles’ account was relieved of $1,000 in cash on the night of the incident. With the co-operation of the bank’s manager police identified Henry as the perpetrator of the theft.

Police executed a search warrant on Henry’s residence and turned up key evidence.

Henry was identified in a line-up by Charles and was subsequently charged by police for robbery.

The defendant will return to court on June 28, 2013 for a report on his indictment.


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