Conway shooting victim shot at least six times at point blank range

Conway shooting victim shot at least six times at point blank range
Jerry George photo*
Jerry George photo*
Jerry George photo*

Further reports are emerging on the killing of 23-y-0 Conway resident Junior Scotland who was found dead yesterday morning in a back alley in Conway, Castries.

Scotland was believed to have been ambushed by a group of men who shot him at least six times in a murder that has pushed the homicide tally to 30 for this year.

Scotland is known by the police as he appeared in court on a robbery charge in 2015.

The police are currently investigating the shooting.



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    • How easy are you, looking over your shoulder every day for a terrorist? Lesser of two evils my friend. Hope you chose wisely.


  1. Damn,he must've really pissed somebody off...Guess the "tuggy tuggy" lifestyle doesn't pay after all.I wonder if some of these boys just sit down & wonder about their future,like when they're in their late 30's-40's (if they make it there,because living that life is like playing Russian roulette)....None of them wants to own a home or a car in a responsible manner? Smh o well.


    • So True @ M & J...dont think they want that young and to be in hot feuds like these. The deceased isn't he from the conway's alleged that its his own "conway" friends who murdered him...smh


    • Nobody looking to try n help di fellas all y'all doing is just waiting to hear a murder to come n comment about how di fellas jus giving trouble..from young di fellas going through a hard life.. 1 meal a day (nun substantial) no money eh making .. cuz for sure y'all will be happy to hire somebody form the ghetto.. people eh


      • Tell dem young gals to get real and stop making babies they cyan feed. Tell dem doh listen to the priests about making more Roman Catholics. Because of bad nutrition, dem children are born to grow up retarded, just good enough to cut grass by the roadside or jail as their future. Criminal work like selling ganja are their only other jobs.


        • what is the connection between a thief being shot and girls making babies they cant feed. I think the issue about your comment is morals and Values of our young women, but then that's for another show


          • Didn't you learn inference in school? Or cause and effect? You must have been sleeping during those segments. Not everything must be spelled out. What he is inferring is that "those babies" are often the criminal elements. And I fully agree that these 'girls' need to stop having babies they cannot care for physically or emotionally. Because too often these are the monsters being unleashed in our society.


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