Conway residents begin a new life


Monday, June 25th ,  2012 – Monday June 25th 2012 marked the official commencement of the Conway/Barnard Hill community demolition programme.

The demolition which has been touted on many occasions in the past,  presents great opportunities for the development of the area and the residents.

The families whose houses were demolished on Monday morning have already received the keys to their new homes at Monchy.

Minister responsible for Housing, Physical Development and Urban Renewal Honourable Stanley Felix says the demolition paves the way to increase the economic viability of the Conway area and more importantly to secure better living conditions for the residents.

“We have plans to build another forty two housing units in the Monchy area and those are all earmarked for residents  of Conway and Barnard Hill.   We also have plans to construct another ten units in Fond Manger and Morn D` Or areas.   Currently there are another forty to fifty residents to be relocated and we will do so in time.   We have a problem in this area where as people are relocated,  others come in and build small structures and we will seek to address this issue but we are moving swiftly at clearing the area so we can make this area a renewed urban space as we move to renew the city of Castries and that is basically the intention.
At this time I can’t  tell you what is going to be here but the intention is to get the current residents into more productive areas which are more conducive for living and raising a family and to give them the opportunity to be property owners and that will allow them to source funding through loans to help educate their children and basically develop more productivity as families and that is the ultimate intention”.

Minister Felix says in addition to relocating the Conway/Banard Hill families,  assistance will also be provided to ensure they integrate into their new communities as positive and productive citizens.


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