Consumers to pay more for petroleum products

Consumers to pay more for petroleum products


PRESS RELEASE – Consumers in Saint Lucia will be paying more for both gasoline and diesel as of Monday, April 25, 2016. These increases are reflective of the increase in the price of oil on the world market.

The CIF prices of products imported by the suppliers of petroleum products during the review period will reflect these adjustments in world market prices.

Gasoline will be sold for $0.67 more, at $10.59 per gallon. Diesel will be sold for $0.04 more, at $9.08 per gallon. Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) increases by $0.21 to $24.63 for 20lb cylinders; by $0.24 or $27.38 for 22lb cylinders; and by $1.06 to $163.08 for 100lb cylinders.

The price increase notwithstanding, the Government of Saint Lucia continues to subsidize the 20lb and 22lb LPG cylinders at a cost of $7.98 and $8.50 per cylinder, respectively.

Below is a schedule of the current retail prices for petroleum products:

Petroleum Product Existing Price New Price Change
Unleaded Gasoline $9.92 per gallon$2.18 per Litre $10.59 per gallon$2.33 per Litre Increase by $0.67Increase by $0.15
Diesel $9.04 per gallon$1.99 per Litre $9.08 per gallon2.00 per Litre Increase by $0.04Increase by $0.01
Kerosene $5.40 per gallon$1.19 per Litre $5.40 per gallon$1.19 per Litre Unchanged
20 Pound $24.42 per cylinder $24.63 per cylinder Increase by $0.21
22 Pound $27.14 per cylinder $27.38 per cylinder Increase by $0.24
100 Pound $162.02 per cylinder $163.08 per cylinder Increase by $1.06
Bulk $1.49 per pound$3.29 per kilogram $1.50 per pound$3.31 per kilogram Increase by $0.01Increase by $0.02

The next price adjustments will be made on May 16, 2016.


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  1. How come Fuel prices are rising so high when fuel prices are only US$43 and cents for a barrel? This is not right.


  2. The "Yellow party" will give you all free gas and other Petroleum products. Lol.
    Lol.Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahaha


  3. Well well well: when the oil price goes down the administers. Of the pass through system were saying that the effects of the decrease will take some time before we in St Lucia will benefit from that decrease but now as soon as the price goes up we feel it immediately: oh these guys feel that they can fool all Lucian: Tanto tanto


  4. At this rate it will be back to $15.00 and the crude oil price will not be what it was then. Ripping off the poor and the Jackass will blame the UWP. We all know the pass through mechanism was designed to help the people when the price was increasing sharply now he will use it as a political ploy.


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