Consumers Intervention of Jamaica warns against use of gloves

Consumers Intervention of Jamaica warns against use of gloves

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – Consumers Intervention of Jamaica (CIJ) says latex gloves should not be worn by customer service workers — except for medical workers and cleaning staff — unless a fresh pair is worn for each transaction/customer and followed by hand washing.

The CIJ was echoing statements from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) about the proper use of personal protective equipment, which includes gloves.

The CIJ said the gloves do not offer more protection than hand washing and if not used properly gloves may give a false sense of security.

“Many persons wear gloves and inadvertently touch their face, cell phones and other persons, potentially spreading contaminants and viruses like COVID-19 virus to the three main points of entry into the body (the eyes, nose and mouth),” the body said in a news release.

“We ask workers to no longer wear latex gloves and instead adopt regular hand hygiene, either by proper hand washing or with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer,” it continued.

The CIJ said it aims to reduce the potential of spreading the COVID-19 virus to vulnerable populations, such as people living with non communicable diseases who are currently frequenting such establishments, especially supermarkets.


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