Consumer Affairs not hindered by COVID-19

Consumer Affairs not hindered by COVID-19
Joseph said 90 percent of consumer complaints received during the COVID-19 period have been successfully resolved.

By Marvin St. Louis, Ministry of Commerce
(PRESS RELEASE) — The Consumer Affairs Department continues to resolve all reported consumer complaints.

Benedict Joseph, the acting chief complaints and investigation officer at the Consumer Affairs Department, has assured the general public that COVID-19 has not hindered the department’s work.

“It is important to note that 90 percent of consumer complaints received during the COVID-19 period have been successfully resolved, and that percentage is a conservative figure,” he said.

Leslie Louis took his consumer complaint to the police. He sought a resolution to an ongoing dispute.

“The police directed me to the Consumer Affairs Department. I wanted to give up then because I know that there is a lot of red tape in the government processes, but I pursued the matter and the issue was resolved with us communicating over the phone mainly using Whatsapp. To be honest, this is one of the main reasons why I think one should always contact the Consumer Affairs Department because I never thought it would have happened so easily.”

The Consumer Affairs Department wishes to thank all businesses in Saint Lucia that have cooperated in providing redress to consumers. Their efforts, Mr. Joseph said, have not gone unnoticed.

“Retailers of propane gas, owners of establishments who retail spare parts and accessories for vehicles, and also retailers of furniture and electronics, we want to say thank you. We hope that we can continue this partnership between the Consumer Affairs Department, the consumers, and the business community,” Joseph said.

The Consumer Affairs Department reminds consumers to always keep their receipts as proof of purchase, ask questions about the product or service, inquire, and discuss issues relating to warranties.


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