Consultations planned to review Tourism Incentives Act

Consultations planned to review Tourism Incentives Act

As a means to improve the sector, the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries will host a series of consultations geared at reviewing the existing Tourism Incentives Act Cap 15:30.

Representatives from the public and private sector are expected to contribute to this process by deliberating on suitable incentives for the industry at these forums. According to the ministry, this collaborative approach is necessary to define the strategic direction of the industry.

A press release states that “the consultations are part of a structured approach to encourage dialogue and consensus among stakeholders in the identification and definition of a responsive incentives regime to further develop the tourism industry”.

“The tourism industry continues to be one of the primary sectors generating economic growth in the local economy. In the year 2012, there was a projected EC$209, 472,412 investment in the industry. Given the relevance of the tourism industry, the ministry is committed to the creation of a more conducive climate to encourage further investment in the various sub-sectors thus generating more positive multiplier effects, impacting socio-economic factors such as poverty and unemployment,” the release said.

Consultations will begin on July 4, 2013 and will continue throughout the month.

The facilitator is Dr. Claudius Preville, a consultant at Preville and Associates.


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