Construction of St. Jude Hospital to be completed by year-end, says Reynolds

Construction of St. Jude Hospital to be completed by year-end, says Reynolds
Alvina Reynolds.
Minister Alvina Reynolds.
Minister Alvina Reynolds.

Health Minister, Alvina Reynolds, provided an update on the construction of St. Jude Hospital on Wednesday, at a Saint Lucia Labour Party press conference, stating that the hospital is due to be completed by year-end.

Below is the minister’s full statement: 

Our government is extremely pleased that St. Jude Hospital is finally nearing completion. There have been many challenges in completing this hospital and I must admit that this process has taken much longer than we had originally anticipated.

Allow me to provide some background on this so that you may better understand.

Originally, the United Workers Party administration had decided to renovate St. Jude Hospital, and it spent EC$45 million on this exercise, before it realised that the problems associated with renovation were so significant that it would have been better to demolish the structure and rebuild.

Therefore, while some of the $45 million was used for the demolition of the old structure, it is clear that both time and money were wasted because of the original decision by the UWP to renovate.

When the decision was made to rebuild St. Jude, no source of financing was identified and the Government was hoping to finance this project from Bonds. It was not until Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony visited Taiwan in November 2013 and met with then Taiwanese President Ma that any external source of funds for the construction of St Jude Hospital had been identified.

In October 2014, the Government of Saint Lucia signed a loan with the Taiwan Export-Import Bank for the reconstruction of St. Jude Hospital and the first set of funds from this loan was disbursed to the Government of Saint Lucia in January 2015.

There were also problems with the main contractor who had been engaged to undertake the construction. He experienced financial difficulties and had to be terminated in 2014, causing a further set back to the project.

When the construction of St. Jude Hospital is completed, which we anticipate will happen toward the end of this year, the residents of the south of the island in particular, and the people of Saint Lucia in general, will
be extremely pleased and proud of the end product. We will have a new St Jude that is equal to the Owen King-EU Hospital.

In fact, the expenditure on St. Jude Hospital, when it is completed, including furniture, fittings and equipment, will be close to EC$150 million. The expenditure on the Owen King-EU Hospital, minus furniture and equipment was EC$152 Million, with an additional 9 million Euros spent on furniture and equipment.

So, in effect, when you look at our work in the health sector in its totality, with the Wellness Centre, which was a product of the last Labour administration and the numbers of health centres we have either built or renovated, Saint Lucia will have the best health care infrastructure of any country in the Eastern Caribbean, and quite possibly the English-speaking Caribbean. All of this because you have a Labour Government that is dedicated to looking after the health and well-being of its citizens.


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  2. Hahahahahahaahahahahahahah try another thing Alvie........a drowning man or woman clutching at a straw. We do not fall for this Alvie.


  3. There they go again making promises. Whose fault Kenny call snap elections. Now all the promises coming out. Universal health care, tax free, Gaboo lands to the people of Morne Du Don and now St Jude hospital.


  4. Yayy!!!!! Finally,smmfh. I ain lying but these politicians really ain have respect for people. Only now the hospital going to be completed,Yall still lying to people? Look Emma Hypocrite promise to raise income tax allowance, I'm just waiting on the minister of communication and works promise a straight road from Gros islet to Vieux Fort with no corners.


  5. From the prime minister way down to the other sixteen ent ready yet.y everyday is a dam bluff
    like St. Lucian ent seeing through u all. Come slp!


  6. This present government of ministers is convinced that Saint Lucians are a bunch of illiterate persons who are both blind and deaf. Seriously?? SMH. All they have accomplished over the last 4 and a half years is devise new ways of taxing the citizens. There have been no creative ideas to grow the economy. No incentives to attract persons to the agriculture industry to allow us as a country to feed ourselves, reduce on the import bill and produce enough to export quality produce. No incentives to develop local manufacturers to add value to the produce which goes to waste on the roadsides. There is no vision. Where are we heading to as a nation? What is it that we want to be known for? What are we offering to the rest of the world? What goal...what aim are Saint Lucians waking up to every day? What drives and motivates us as a people? Where are we going as a people? I am so annoyed. And we wonder why there is so much crime, restlessness, suicides. Our so called leaders are seem focused on ensuring that all is well with them and their families with not a single thought given to what happens to our country in the future.


  7. Four plus years ago you came in promising better days and jobs, jobs, jobs. After four plus years the taxpayers are disappointed we gave you diamonds and pearls and all we got in return was broke pockets and empty wallets. Now you want to beguile us again! We are on the verge of starvation and all you want to do is to shine bright like a diamond. Hello!! You are useless to this nation! What a botheration!


  8. Talk your talk i heard more during the last elections. you all uwpwee's been running the woman down ever since she step on d platform.. you all does give you selves false names so people doh recognise u lot but the question is. all you shit talkers out there are you lot from Babonneau? the few ah you typing shit on this site doh represent d majority ah Babonneau. Tell u what if she doh win kear- hell can't win either. Red holdings all d way. Those who die dead, Those who die Alive


  9. Babonneau people, will you promise to take responsibility for checking Alvina into the wellness center, where she obviously belong, after the June 6th election.

    And please make sure it is not at the expense of tax payers. Sell all her newly acquired pearls and designer wear to pay her medical bill, ok?


  10. Alvina Reynolds, I would not have been surprise if you told the nation that the hospital would be completed before the 6th June 2016.


  11. Please educate me as I am ill informed about this woman's credentials and what posts she held prior to assuming office.

    Further; this woman has ceaselessly promised the opening of this Hospital for years. We have two hospitals which should be open and functioning and are not.

    Its an embarrassing day for the SLP as many can see them grasping at straws. As soon as they announced their election date they have inundated us with quick fixes and promises.

    The mark of liars.

    This woman cares more about her pretty hair and her blazer than her actual role it self. Spare me.


  12. Lady get out of here. No respect for people with that stick record sing song. Really have no shame.


  13. only now you want to come open your mouth about ST.JUDES. WHAT IS WITH THESE SLP PEOPLE.


  14. How many times have you fed us this same BS-line Ms. Reynolds? We tired of being fed crap under the guise that it is porridge. You are out of your element, and out of your depth. You floundered for years and have caused much damage in the process. If you were honest with us then we could work with you. Like LaCorbinerre, you too have to go.


  15. You cannot fool us no more your time is coming tick tick tick. A simple question who did your make up ?


    • lmao how you asking the lady who did her make up...don't kill me...I can't stop laughing


  16. Alvina Reynolds is a liar and grossly deceitful . It bothers me when people continue to say things that the know is untrue , especially when it comes out from the mouth of a gospel woman. Shame on you Alvina , that's disgusting.

    You know dame well that the st.Jude's hospital will not be completed before 2018, and that's just the construction phase. The equipment phase is another ball game, so let's be honest with the people of the south.


  17. Now SLP wants to remain in power so every project in near in completion and of course more jobs will be provided meaning step and nice jobs will open up. That means st lucians only know how to do labor work, cutting grass on road sides.


  18. Too late.. Too late shall be your cry... Time to GOOOO!!!! You have accomplished absolutely nothing


  19. Alvina go away. We do not want any update from you now, it is too late, so long you have the sick in a stadium in Vieux Fort, you did not see the need to complete the Hospital, the people's plea fell on your deaf ears, now in two weeks you will be out,( I know that because you have not done anything in the Health department) you want to give update on St. Jude Hospital.
    If I can use you favorite words 'AS WE SPEAK' I think you should be thinking of whether you qualify for a pension from Government and how you will be able to live as a retired person because you are a waste of time.


  20. Only now Alvina Reynolds, you really want to explain your broken promises on St. Jude's hospital to St.Lucians, to late shall be your cry,


  21. Alaina, please go home and rest. Too little too late. You need to retire. Give up the idea of Politics.


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