Construction of a new La Retraite Bridge starts this March

Construction of a new La Retraite Bridge starts this March

(PRESS RELEASE) – A new bridge with all modern amenities is now on schedule to be constructed in La Retraite along the Monchy road.

This new climate resilient bridge replaces the old single lane La Retraite Bridge and will provide better and safer access for drivers and pedestrians.

It is being financed under the Road Improvement and Maintenance Program (RIMP) Phase IV.

The scope of works comprises the construction of retaining walls, a bridge culvert, a 900mm precast concrete culvert, safety railings and road signs.

The project will undergo several construction stages which consists of varying activities. During construction there will be no through traffic across the bridge at periodic times. Supervised pedestrian traffic will be allowed.

Residents and all bridge and road users are alerted to scheduled inconveniences, delays, dust and noise pollution during construction.

Regular notices will be broadcast via popular media to inform residents and all commuters of delays, road closures and alternative routes.

The La Retraite Bridge Reconstruction Project is scheduled to commence on March 17, 2020 and it will be complete in four (4) months weather permitting.


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