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Constituency Boundaries Report calls for reconfiguration of northern districts

Press release

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PRESS RELEASE – The House of Assembly is today discussing the report of the Constituency Boundaries Commission which calls for the number of constituencies to be increased from 17 to 21.

Among the recommendations of the report is the reconfiguration of the constituencies in the northern districts of Castries, Babonneau and Gros Islet. It calls for the creation of four new constituencies as follows:

i. Gros Islet to be divided into three constituencies;

ii. A new constituency be created by conjoining contiguous parts of Babonneau, Castries North and Castries East to reduce on the size of those constituencies ; and

iii A new constituency created from Castries Southeast and Castries South to reduce on the size of Castries Southeast

The report also recommends that further realignment be undertaken to Castries East, Castries South and Castries North to allow for seats to be as closely equal as possible.

Other recommendations of the report include;

That the national average be recalculated for 21 seats as 7,882 or approximately 7,900 persons per constituency and that constituencies generally be brought within the limit of +/- 20% of the new national average or between 6,300 to 9,500 persons per constituency;

That special consideration be afforded to seats in the southern region which do not meet the lower limit of the national average per seat, due to the need to maintain administrative districts;

As much as possible, communities should be kept intact and should not be divided, unless if it becomes difficult to otherwise obtain suitable boundaries; and

Constituencies should as much as possible be compact and contiguous. That is to say, every part of a constituency should be connected without having to cross into another constituency for access.

Further, constituencies should not be unduly linear in geographic spread.


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  1. Lets spend more money doing the same job, lets devide St. Lucia so that we can get re elected, St. Lucians have forgotten what money is, VAT has made sure of that.

  2. Um um. You have got it the wrong way around. We actually need 5 constitunitaries. Not even 17. Come on 1 minister for 7000 plp. Well lets put the vat up and gas up and debt up to pay for all this coat and tie. Well if u think about it we do need plp to sit in the new government building. Also each constituency added will need a pa, a driver, a security, a secratary, and some other helpers.
    this is mad

  3. i have never heard of more rubbish than this report in these times. To begin with why was this study even commissioned knowing very well that's its recommendations would result in greater financial expense for the country. Stay dere lucians, like you'll drink moo moo pills when they finish with that country all you'll great grand children paying debt that government incur. #nomoney

  4. Saint lucia doesn't have a fiscal problem, when u lie to people continuously, even the liar accept the lies as truth, only the poor is feeling the pinch....Y, money doesn't filter down to us, but the big guys are having a heck of a good time......n u wonder y the youth so desperate and bad minded.....who feels it knows it.

  5. To be fair, there is no talk of more ministers, just more seats which would mean more parliamentarians! But though I am not sure we should undertake this now, there is some merit for the review!

    • True no "talk of more Minister". But don't think it's only academic. If approved in time we'll have more Ministers appointed, increase in salary, and other allowances. This is the nature of the beast we are birthing.

  6. Like we didn't have enough bad role models calling themselves politicians, already; now we adding 4 more to the list! Jobs for the boys!!!!! And poor people suffering!

  7. Country has NO MONEY, Unemployment way up, going to cut civil servants pay and we talking about MORE MINISTERS? Kenny we see through u boss.


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