Saint Lucia team shines at Suriname Open 2015

Saint Lucia team shines at Suriname Open 2015


PRESS RELEASE – We the Executive of the Saint Lucia Shooting Association extend our heartfelt thanks for your continued support, participation and contribution to our range sessions leading to the Suriname Open 2015 Tournament.

The Match was held last weekend at the MTC Shooting Range in Suriname. This competition was an IPSC Level III Match and spanned over three (3) days, from Friday October 23rd to Sunday October 25th.

The Prematch was on Friday the 23rd. There were 12 stages and the round count is 230 rounds.

Congratulations goes out to the participating shooters of the Saint Lucia team comprising Mr. Lennox Mondesir and Mr. Al Lionel. You two have done well.

What a performance you two displayed. In the Open Division, Mr. Lennox Mondesir was able to secure a 2nd place trophy. In the Standard Division, Mr. Al Lionel was able to secure the 20th place out of 42 shooters.

We had no shooters in the Production Division.

Once again, we are thankful for you for a job well done. WELL DONE!!! Saint Lucia Team.

Come one, come all to our next event in Saint Lucia, the Saint Lucia Shooting Association National Iron and Steel Challenge 2015 Tournament scheduled for Sunday November 15, 2015 at 10:00am at the Bordelais Shooting Range, Dennery.


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  1. it's an invitational shoot all ipsc shooters world wide are invited to participate, the criteria required for participation in any of these ipsc level 111 matches is black badge certification and your financial ability to pay for all your expenses this not an Olympic sport and is not funded by the SLOC


  2. Olympic committee please advise on what criteria was used to choose those shooters to represent the island? Were all shooting clubs involved?


    • Probably the same criteria which was used to select the Commonwealth team to Scotland, SMH. Olympic Committee? Please!


      • Your response doesn't answer the question posed. Saying the same criteria as that use to determine the commonwealth team explains nothing. Why leave people to wonder and speculate?


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