CONFIRMED: Slain gangster Yulanda Frederick is a male who suffered from rare condition – Dr. King

CONFIRMED: Slain gangster Yulanda Frederick is a male who suffered from rare condition – Dr. King
Yulanda Frederick
Yulanda Frederick

Pathologist Dr. Stephen King has confirmed that homicide victim Yulanda ‘Jordan’ Frederick, whose gender has been the source of much public debate over the years, is in fact a male with androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS), a rare condition that affects sexual development before birth and during puberty.

Dr. King performed Frederick’s post mortem examination on Thursday, July 3. Police said Frederick, 35, of La Clery, Castries, sustained multiple gunshot wounds in Leslie Land, Castries on Tuesday, July 1 at about 8:15 p.m.

Frederick had been referred to as a female in recent police and media reports.

In an exclusive interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Saturday, July 5, Dr. King explained: “Mr. Frederick is a male and I say so because having done the examination I’ve found out that…. he has no female internal organs. He has testicular tissue, no ovarian tissue.

“What he suffered with was androgen insensitivity syndrome which means that when he was being developed … as a fetus, there was a lack of or a deformed androgen receptor in the genital tissue so what that means is that those tissues, during development, did not respond as they were supposed to, to the androgen stimulation so they didn’t form into fully-formed male organs which is why he had the type of external genitalia he had, which was somewhat ambiguous, which created the confusion throughout his life where people debated whether he is a female looking like a male or hermaphrodite… A true hermaphrodite … has both ovarian and testicular tissue. Yulanda Frederick only had testicular tissue.”

The pathologist said based on the look of Frederick’s deformed genitals, persons – even Frederick himself – may have been confused with his gender. He said on first glance, Fredrick’s genitals resemble that of a female with a large clitoris, but in reality it is a small penis with a small ‘vaginal pit’ – so small that it would have been impossible to insert a small penis in it.

“It looks like a small penis and a very normal type of vagina but actually he did not have a fully formed vagina. There is no upper vagina, there is just a lower ‘vagina’ so it’s almost like a blank pit with no cervix and uterus thereafter…” he explained.

Dr. King said Frederick may have been able to have a “certain amount of sex” with his penis. He said “biologically and physiologically” it is possible.

Yulanda Frederick attended school was a female.

With proper medical diagnosis and surgery, doctors would have been able to close the very small opening on Frederick’s genitals and create testicular sacks.

Dr. King said there is no way Frederick could have been impregnated because he had no cervix, ovaries or uterus.

Frederick was born on December 24, 1978 to Isidora Harrison and Francis Frederick. His mother is currently based in New York and his father lives in Anse La Raye.

Frederick attended Vide Bouteille Primary School and the Corinth Secondary School. During those years, he was dressed as a female.

In adulthood, he was well known to the police. He was charged for murder, attempted murder and firearm-related offences in 2010 but released earlier this year after the charges were dropped.

While in prison his gender was a matter of much debate as the authorities pondered whether to incarcerate him longer term in the male or female prison. At one point, he was separated from the male and female prison population.

The confusion over his gender have earned him much ridicule and rejection from society, according to his relatives and close friends. It is alleged that Frederick’s application for a passport was unsuccessful because his gender was not clear. Relatives say Frederick’s intention was to leave the island for better opportunities, and to also leave the criminal lifestyle.

Dr. King believes that Frederick’s criminal activity may have been fueled by the harsh treatment from some persons in society based on the confusion over his gender. The pathologist however made it very clear that he is not trying to find an excuse for Frederick’s alleged criminal activity.

No excuses should be made for Frederick’s behaviour but he may have turned against society based on how he was treated, says Dr. King.

“It is possible that a lot of frustration and anger in people can manifest in a variety of ways. Violence and aggression is one of them,” Dr. King said, noting that a psychiatrist would be better able to explain.

“It is quite plausible and it is quite likely that this did effect the way he behaved…. But we don’t make excuses for people’s behaviour, but I mean we do have to understand people’s behaviour so hopefully in the future we can learn our lessons,” he added.

Dr. King said it was possible that Frederick was given improper medical advice concerning his condition which led to the misinformation and eventual public scorn and ridicule. Dr. King added that with proper medical/psychological support from childhood, Frederick, his parents or guardians would not have appeared confused about his gender.

“And it shows that it is good for us to get appropriate medical advice, the good medical and proper work up so we can really support people who find themselves in these situations of what we call intersex, where there is confusion about their actual sexuality or their gender because of ambiguous genitalia.

“And it is important we get it right, not only because there is medical and surgical treatment we can do, but critical in their psychological treatment what we can do to help them to deal with their situation…. Understand it, deal with it and of course try to help them live as normal a life as they can,” he further explained.

Frederick’s post mortem revealed that he died from hemorrhagic shock secondary to gunshot wounds. Police sources say Frederick was shot about 15 times, including twice in the head.

According to sources, two guns were used in the killing. Investigations into the incident continues.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. King conducted the interview with St. Lucia News Online after getting consent to do so from relatives of Frederick.


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  1. Sad, really sad, the entire scenario, from conception to death. Let's not blame society.
    May this individual rest in peace for he was God's creation. However, his family owes society an apology.


  2. We keep forgetting the 8 year old child who he killed an also the young lady who is walking around with 1 arm and was nursing gun shot wound to the head...... Rest in perfect peace ( the 8 year old) but blame society. U live by the gun u die by the gun case close


  3. Good comment Citizen.  His life must have been lonely, sad and painful.  May he rest peacefully.
    People seem to have forgotten that he was murdered.  What an horrific end to the life he had.
    Hope the police find his killers - will they investigate?


  4. He always knew he was a male but the fact that mostly everyone ridiculed him and knew he was always the TALK OF SLU" caused so much pain and hurt behind that smile he had.Jordan was sweet,kind hearted and helpful if you knew him personally you would love him,trust him and understand him.


  5. I want 2 no how many ppl that were there the night the child got killed N.B the family told news that "2 MASKED MEN" enteref the house which means that nobody saw and neither had anyone been arrested for this imcident wgat needs to b known is the little girls elder sisters liked money and since these guys were full of it started hanging around them and eventually started messing around with them i went to school with the one that lost her arm she was very vulgar and any man cud of gottr her with nice things so get the facts right ask questions


  6. So because he did not know he true gender he have to find joy in kill ppl. its no one fault but his. Save me the freaking drama. He reaped what he swore. nonsense!!!!


  7. St Lucians behave yourselves. Imagine I was born and live here all my life and I try not to associate with you all. Nasty, wicked set of people who don't really care about people just their selfish selves. The best thing to do is to stay far far away from youall


    • u r such an ass i was born in st lucia no living in canada n i c that same crap there wats ur point ?? it jus small minded ppl u get that WORLD WIDE .


    • @ thinker.. You just admitted you were born and lived in St. Lucia all your life...what makes you different or better than the rest of us that you have to isolated yourself and use derogatory terms to describe us...why don't you go live on some other planet where you don't have to interact with human beings and you can continue to be the jackass that you are without getting in other peoples face. You need to stay away from your own self since you're that arrogant - foolish idiot, don't you realize that you're setting yourself up for you own downfall? You're a Lucian who don't need Lucians?!! Hope when you find your backside in trouble you don't call any Lucians for help you nasty wicked goat. I have met people from all walks of life from all over the world, evil exists in some and good exists in others, at the end of the day good and evil are both prevalent in all societies. You sound like one of the evil arrogant ones who need to go bury yourself in a sewer and let the rest of us LUCIANS be.

      On another note, it's sad that yulanda came into the world the way he did and had to put up with whatever...but he chose the wrong way to deal with his problems. His family and friends who now speak out should have taken action a long time ago to get help before it ended like this. Too late now, the damage is done - to yulanda and his alleged victims.


  8. I remember him goin to corinth...we competed in inter school sports together....imagine goin to school dressed as a girl and in the end only to find out he was really a boy.I wont point blame on anyone..cause it is said in the bible that yee withoutt sin cast the first stone, it is just so sad that in this day and age of modern technology ignorance is still very prevelant , let us read and understand this article to draw us away from ignorance, bullying, stereotyping and all other stigmas related to somebody who is considered to be different....jus because we may not like how somebody looks, or maybe they dont seem to fit our idea of how a person should look does not mean they're less of a human being...let us treatveach other with respect and love.About his way of life thats between him and his god........R.I.P *Jordan*.


  9. Correction: by 'some of you' I should have said 'one or two of you' ...should re-read it...


  10. That poor man.  Hope he is at peace.  He seems to have been a victim of many circumstances throughout his entire and short life, caused by a genetic f#%k up - not his fault, no ones' fault.  It must have been a head-wreck for him.  Let him rest peacefully.

    Dr Kings statement was very good (and kind to explain), perhaps some of you should re-read it and be thankful you wern't born with that problem.


  11. Question if he didnot have a vagina, how was he urinating. I ask that because that should of been a clear clue that he was mail not female. He must have been potty trained so that would have been noticed that he was using the penis. He got failed all around. First the doctors next his parents then his family and last but not least society. No excuse for the life of crime that he chose to live but can see the where the anger and hatred for society came from. Hope he made his peace with his maker